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a really stupid drama, with a penchant for shockers

It was a perfect day, worked my butt off all morning
and then luckily got home right after lunch since all classes
were scheduled in the morning. Of course, Japanese culture
came like Murphy's Law to turn me again into a hater.

Eh, not many people are aware, but just like any other
third world country, the legal system here is really crazy
and irrational at times, as well as exremely more bogged
down by bureaucracy than any other country (it creates jobs
and makes office robots look busy).
Anyway, one of the main quirky things of Japanese law is that
nobody is innocent, that is, every party involved in a
dispute is guilty at some degree/percentage.

As you saw on my previous entry, I got involved in a collision
with a student, where he didn't stop at a stop sign so I ran him
over but still running well below speed. Clear-cut, no?
No! Turns out that "because it is the Japanese way" I was
at fault at about 25%, and therefore at fault too, period.
Regardless of all the insurance crap which is all resolved,
what ticked my non-assimilated mind is that I was picked
up by the big brass at my town to go to the house of
the schoolboy and apologize to his bloody family.
Even a translator was snatched from his workplace to come
to translate my "sincere words and expressions of apology".

Crap, it's my fault he didn't stop at the stop sign, right?!!!

By the way, the reason why I was slapped with a 25% fault is
because it "looks bad and strange that a bike hits a car."
I swear this is what my bosses said. What the heck!!!

In other news, just had a funktastix trip to the big city,
first to see that fat babies who can't clean their own
ew whats that smell?

The whole thing was a lot of fun, expecially after copious
amounts of good old fashioned sake and crazy friends
from Nagano, and Kindcrap
"Friends 4 ever"

oh, and saw Basement Jaxx at Ageha
quite a throwdown! and saw that amazing Fantastic Plastic Machine.
that big boy can seriously rock a party.

countdown tomorrow...throwdown soon...

6:23 午後


Running over a Japanese schoolgirl on a bike for dummies

1. Drive at normal speed and check the street for schoolgirls.
2. Find a T-intersection where you have the right of way.
3. Knowing that students do not respect stop signs, wait for one to
deliberately come out of the side street and right into your path.
4. If you see this it's obvious that it is
too late to swerve. Stop right away.
5. After making sure she's able to stand up, call your bosses, because
you will be late for work.
6. After she has called the entire staff of her school to come over,
make sure you find nice witnesses and keep smiling to her crew.
7. Help the ambulance people because you are the bad guy.
8. Smile to the policeman wearing a helmet despite he's been riding a car.
9. While the girl's party is long gone to the hospital, help
the policemand measure the dynamics of the incident for 2 hours and
listen carefully tohis explanation on how you were not at fault.
10. Agree with him (e.g. How fast were you going? Ummm 40Km an hour.
No, you were going slower, between 20 and 30! Oh, yes, you are right!)
11. By this time it is almost lunch time.
12. Go to the city hall to explain everything to the big wigs.
13. Go to the hospital to see how the girl is doing.
14. Since she is not there because she is obviously fine, go
to her home together with all the big wigs of course.
15. Since she is not there, return to your school to make sure you feel
some guilt for not working that day.
16. Go to the city hall again for no reason.
17. Go to the bank to seek proof that you have been paying insurance.
18. Return to city hall.
19. Wait hours for the insurance guy.
20. Go home at 6pm.

20 simple steps that will make your accident look so easy in just 18 hours!!

(morale of the story, it was a boy, it was his fault, he had just
a bruised ego for falling in front of so many schoolgirls, and I'm in
trouble with the cops for license problems, and insurance will cover

Ha, put this lady in that Iraqi prison, Bush/Rummy you bastards!@!#!#!!@!#$

2:30 午後

As a big fan of Korea(n ladies) I watched the women's volleyball final qualifying
game between the unbeaten teams of Japan and Korea, with Korea having
the best record and Japan having the loud-ass home advantage of robot
fans. Of course, Korea had to bow down to Japan's relentless attacks,
and to the stadium full of screaming fans and boy bands. disgusting.

got carried away with these pictures...the korean ladies werent that cute anyway.. boohoo!

I was just listening to Air America radio and Andy Kauffman's old writer said that he is organizing a get together for
Kauffman fans at the House of Blues on Sunday, where supposedly Kauffman will come back after supposedly faking his death 20 years ago (anybody watched
"Man on the Moon" played by Jim Carrey??).
Since he is known for taking extremely opposite characters/roles who
were bitches, many say that Ann Coulter, the super right wing bitch,
will walk on the stage and say... "I am Andy Kauffman"
--> -->
I'm blabbin, thank you Nyquil!!!! So before i go cure my illnesses with mercury-doused raw fish, mr Bryan did his yearly
pilgrimage to Japan to see oh! I mean
oh! I mean...his lady and me too haha and came to my unknown valley once again

did that look familiar?
needless to say, Tokyo was crazy as usual

and as Mike D is showing us....karaoke was more ecchi than usual!

top 10, baby! oooo disco disco disco!
1. Phyllis Hyman - You know how to love me
2. UA - Taiyo te ni tsuki ha kokoro no ryouteni
3. Phunk Electric - No more [Original mix]
4. Nuyorican Soul - Nautilus (Mawtilus)
5. Solaris Heights - Midnight [dub mix]
6. Cajmere ft. Walter Phillips - Midnight [After Midnight Mix]
7. Andre 3000 - Roses
8. Marques Wyatt - Rude groove
9. Gypsymen - Da latin
10. Solo - Cocaine [Katakanas Diesel Wash Dub]

gizzattt... 明日臼田町の小満祭!!!! waaaah ze pooon!

10:52 午前


too sexy!
and here's their jamaican father, the Elephant Man
and this guy's gonna be at Citta' when ill be in Tokyo again for the third time this month to see the big fat babies ~
Here's some trivia for you sumo fans. These lean and mean fellas are so big that they have paid assistants or apprentice wrestlers/fatsoes to clean their butts after completing their hard toilet duties. Now, that is SEXY!

7:18 午後


Namie Amuro makes a comeback before she succumbs to scandal/sex/drugs/the Hooker again

It's the beginning of Golden Week here in Japan, which used to be a string of holidays put together making it the only veritable vacation period available to the people. It still kinda is, traditional that is, as many visit their relatives all over the place and celebrate special events with special foods and rituals (like Children's day meals and streamers etc).

But really, it's a time to criminally hike up rates and prices, to dive into the ocean of cars and smog that flood all ALL the famous and less famous tourist sites of this country, to stay home like me and just chill while the rest of the country goes insane. I have had a lot of time to not only drink myself out numerous times in the last 3 days of break, but also to plan out the drinking in the next 4 days, as well as climbing a volcano today, and listening to reggae. reggae? hmmmm i need another trip to tokyo to fire up my love for house!!! Okiedokie, sadly another month was murdered, so here is April in review....

First, a party for the new teachers, aka the new girls, aka all those in the picture. They will be fine robots in the future.

A train invasion by Far East Nagano people to go see this
A long long festival held every 7 years or else too many people would die while riding naked poles down a slope. No one died this year though. HEck they should do it again then, since because of the milliards of people there nothing could be seen.
I like riding poles, so what?

Helen also had a neat party in mid April, of course too much craziness was involved. Including going home at 5am just to avoid the cops. This didnt compare to the craziness of the same party last year though.

Cafe' La Font celebrated its last day as a successful young and fun place as its foreigner staff and superb cooks left due to the owner wanting to turn the place into the usual cheesy cake and wine shop. This was the last day, of the delicious LA FONT BURGER, and Steve's precision ? drinks

Where will his happy drinkers go next?
To the Throwdown Party of course!!! (see entry below)
Of course these brave Far East people brought in friends and family from far away as an excuse to have more liquid intake such as the recent bbq and subsequent after-bbq at Chris'

and so it is May, Jah be blessed and of course someone -my school- got my special day wrong, but the thought is what counts even in Japan sometimes.

11:26 午後

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