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It's all about HOUSE music. And as time goes on, we keep putting tha tang on the poon ooo la' la'

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A wineful welcome to this monday's edition of the
WASABEPASTSAA wwhee i cant spell my own thing
zoo mach waiin hick hick uppps
zo, letz ztart zis week'z firzt entry wiz ze zop zen, zall we?
1. Love Psychedelico - Last smile
2. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Red bird ballad
3. A Tribe Called Quest - Find a way
4. Crystal Waters - Makin' happy
5. Misia - Sweetness [Satoshi Tomiie remix]
6. Love Psychedelico - Your song
7. Masayuki Suzuki - Yumedeaetara
8. Glenn Miller - At Last (with Ray Eberle, vocal)
9. Jazzanova - Love and you and I
10. Jovanotti - Funky groove
Yez, ze only hauz muzak in hear iz ole zkool Cryztal Waterz
eh, waz ken u do, im zurnin zapaneeze.
A propoz of zze weekend, iz waz great fun, friday wiz keiko,
saturday wiz good ole Mark anz friend Mira from Ozaka

oooooh yessssssss skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing
in ze myzical Shiga Kogen area, one of two ski olympic
sites in 1998. it waz amazin day, ze place humonguz,
hmmmmmm practically dezerted, cheap conziderin
we got one pazz for a million zlopes for ~30$
and it waz a beauty of snow
anz i look zooooo zexy wiz me bumblebee outfit
anz, no, neither of uz nowz how to znoboard, only mark becoz
he iz canada-ese and in canada u iiit, drink n zhit znow
(or yuki in zapaneeese)
ze zcary fella is our good ole Galvin sensei...same ski group plus
crazy east coazter galvin went zopping in Karuizawa on Zunday
well, Mira at least did..we, being malez, zhopped and acted
zilly az uzual.
dude, am i haaat or whaaat
zo, today we had zort day in zkool (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
and keiko came to cook a zypical winta dish in Giappan
called niku jaga ... mouth watering and heart
warming (yez, yez, and ze wine didnt help az all i zweear)

MANILA here I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:57 午後

Happy Wednesday y'all...just chillin, literally, after a great
dinner of fried jap chicken and kimchi fried rice mmmmm
but yea, despite the heater which is right next to me, i feel
the cold, creeping, waiting for me. damn it's so cold
check out this pic, as of yesterday....4ft of snow came after
that pictures and now there are neat big icycles waiting for me
at exit tomorrow

Ok, now that we've got the cold out of the way (ya right)
let the Wasabepasta guide you to another of his infamous
weekends, this time, Nagoya~!
after a neat night with Keiko, during which we had quite oishiii
italian food at Jacasse (what a name for a restaurant)(and it's not
even an italian name), at the day after I was all not so up
but quite running, and with Mark drove to the other side of
Naganoken, where he kept going to see a ladee somewhere
in the west, while i took a 2 hour express to Nagoya.
Ah, yes, first of all, I was so glad I didnt need a jacket!!!
then, Nagoya is a neat little city, very easy to navigate around
(that's a joke of course) but i mean, comparatively
to the rest of japan, it is easy to get around also
due to a very efficient metro system. It is a very modern city -
check out the central bus terminal and this odd construction where
people can walk on it, and it has a fountain on it with a big pool
and everything is transparent

yea that's people down there
i was saying, it has many reminders of its glorious (?)
history, such as the fascinating Nagoya-jo (jo is castle in nipponese)

I find this sepia filter really cool, makes it look like an old picture
check this one out, which I took a month ago in Matsumoto

so anyway, after all this tourism and crap, the Wasabepasta
had to do what had to be done, and no it is not to hit the
poontang, but close ooo la la to meet the nicest girl in Nagoya,
After a really good korean dinner at a place conveniently called
Yummy, we checked out the Elephant's Den, oops i meanNest,
drank up with cool Aichi peeps and met an English "mate" Thomas,
who taught me the english of the day: now, if something is not cool
or it is bad, u call it (i dont really know how you spell it) but it sounds
like mignon, but it kinda sound more like "mingin" with a nasal ng
so ud say it's vietnamese, but not it's not. damn u japan.oops i mean
dang what a smile. I forgot to mention that I met godzilla fightin
with some local hoodlum
After the Nest we checked out Jmax, a club that sounded
too much like TJ maxx, and in fact the music was the worst one
could hear, cheeesy hard house in one room and bad unknown
hip hop in the other, expensive...and yet it looked soo nice. Eh, well
at least the company was good.
The day after we headed for some really good mexican food
aaaaah yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

after that, we just chilled around downtown nagoya, shopped a bit
then I split and met up with Mark two hours later, and .... surprise surprise
went clubbing on a Sunday night (sounds familiar Bryan PlanB?)
actually we went to a private party of Nagano city's first club which
will open this friday. It's soooo cute (e.g small ass small) but it looks
very promising. hopefully more places will open up. You know,
sometimes men get tired of tittie bars....

we split early, and good ting we did as we got caught in the
well, for now that's it... i really dont feel to educate your baka ears
with my top 10, perhaps tomorrow, maybe my fingers will be less
umm frosty. hontooooooo? haaaaaaaaaaaai!


9:16 午後

check out the snow
and more is comin'~~
updates on the weekend...tomorrow~~

it's so cold dammit


12:07 午前

Heeeello~ just chillin as mama has left the neighborhood, and
for some reason I was thinking about Midnite Yell, I guess I feel
the negative vibes of finals week all the way here. But, for all
of you who were there, wasnt 1999 great? dang, that was
pure urban war, the cops with guns and riot gear, fires
everywhere, people partying in the street, arrests, raids,
threats, "rampart" chants, water balloons, Glenrock,
East glenrock versus west glenrock, and Ankur losing
our chips bowl against Asher's building's people.

By the way, I havent said this in a while, actually, I havent said this
on his blog yet...managers of Glenrock, F U expecially
you persian Mike/John. Quoting Priya's graffiti all over that
shady apt, "Fuck you Mike".
507 Glenrock was still fun tho.

anyway, had a nice nite, but tomorrow it's back to the old pastafunk,
hence we party, destination: Nagoya!


2:59 午前

Today was a good day..as expected I got off very early, like
one-ish....good day at elementary school, I even had a class
all to myself (usually, the homeroom teacher is always there
although being their english, after 4 to 9 years of studying it,
almost the same level of their 8 year old students, they always
just sit and smile ===> smiling to themselves "aiii, oh hai, gaijin
finally here, kids dont yell at me for one hour, only to him")
speaking about kids, quoting "Three Kings"

"What's the deal with Michael Jackson?"
It was an iraqi guy who asked the question, by the way
speaking about kids, check out how wild my jr high kids are at assembly

so, today what I did after 2pm was pay a bill, then braved the cold
and went to get movies, one was Groove, that '99 rave movie I
missed, I thought it was ok, definitely great music
and then got the Legend of 1900, an Italian movie, the book is awesome
by the way, but alas, I got the japanese dubbed version
god I hate when tv is japanese. im a hater damn u japan jk
well not that jk, but a little bit jk
anyways, i am waiting....
and yes Chriiiiissss....i shall write you soooon ;-)))))))
below is a picture of last september's victorious soccer team,
my team, the one and only NAGANO!
damn, whats up with the pride, loser? oh me? sorry, apologies ~~~~

can you find me?

hontooo haaaai!

12:07 午前


while listening to Bobby Brown's "Prerogative", let me show you, above,
a pic of one of my favorite members of my technological arsenal, otherwise
known as the "Paolo-watch". Small, eh? well, looks like it's already an old
model, and it's only about 3 months old!!!! damn u nippon~ im not cool anymore
my friend Anya got a brand new one like this but with a zoom. ouch ouch

this is insted my cell, otherwise known as "keitai" which, in short,
can do anything u can imagine except for cooking and driving (oh yes, i know
you were thinking sex, but .. i wouldnt know.. but it vibrates like crazy
when I put it on max, i mean hypothetically speaking), but it's a
great great great form of communication for country people like me
and u can karaoke with it, and take pics too, but, thanks to the baby above
i dont need that picture feature.

and this is Keiko, while not part of my technological arsenal, yet,
... well wont tell u why her pic is here, maybe you should email
the pasta & the funk and ask him!
been very very busy today. besides sleeping for only 3 hours last night
for obvious reasons, i had an exceptional 6 classes to teach, 2 of which
were by myself, and adding to that i was stuck by a merciless teacher
who soooooooo politely (cant refuse to that ddddaaaaamn it!) gave me all
her notebooks (like about 65) to correct, i was like, in my head of course
"what the ffffunk??? cant u see the schedule of today? i barely had time
to sit down and plan out lessons and i was yawning during the
hours we taught together, cant u see i worked more than you and worked
while u were busy changing water of the tea water heater? or chatting
and pretending to work hard? or transporting useless papers from one office
to another? complaining it's cold? booooo hiiissss
well, at least im out of that school for a day and go to my fav school which is
Usuda's central elementary. I like it because some teachers actually speak
good english ("good" meaning it sucks, but it doesnt fuckingsuck like
ther rest of the people ive met) and..the real reason is that I get off
really early, like right after lunch, soo heeel yeeea..hopefully i wont
have a ferris beuler day like the one some weeks ago.
By the way, if ure into police women, check out this site.
once again
the top 10...I apologize for not updating it..i seriously keep forgetting
1. Arrested Development - Ease my mind
2. Biggie Smalls - Party and bullshit
3. Robbie Rivera - Funk-a-tron [main mix]
4. Junior Jack - Happiness
5. Aiko - Kabutomushi
6. Knee Deep vs Shakatak - Nightbirds [A Side]
7. The Rurals - Skip
8. Technasia - Force [Dave Clarke mix]
9. Marshall Jefferson - I need somebody
10. Latin Concepts - Bossa vibe

as always
hontooooooo??? haaaaaiiii!!!!!

11:35 午後

I guess I didn't get tired enough last weekend in Osaka, so I thought of
going back to Tokyo to "visit my uncle" quoting myself last friday
while explaining my supervisors the intricacies of the weekend to come.
Well, PAM I hope you get better!!!
So, once again, meeting point at Shibuya!!! with Amy and Jen, Jen's bro and his gf. so we went straight to the Lemon House for a neat
nomihodai (by know u should know what this word means)(see previous
entry hehe)
and then we clubbed in Roppongi, renown area of downtown that
caters to mostly foreigners (hence ive always tried to steer clear) but
it was ok, not so great, i guess it was a slow night. we went to two
Gaspanic bars and then chilled with burgers ;-) oisshiii ne, amy san?
anyways, amy and i crashed in kawasaki, got up at 2, had goood
ramen and then kicked it in the area, then went to shibuya and checked out
the capital of j pop fashion, ooo shibuya 109, oh my all girls
clothes, music everywhere, soo many clones of ayumi hamasaki...she
bought earring there, very lovely... ne?

Then, we met up with her friends for a bday at a really neat place,
where we had really good nomihodai, drink and food at Bou's
great fun group of people. Then went to club Asia with Jen and her brother.
Stayed up all night.
Came back to Nagano.
damn im tired
soo tired.. but happy ;-)
thank you Amy for the great weekend~~

hontooo? haaaai!

12:09 午前

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