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It's all about HOUSE music. And as time goes on, we keep putting tha tang on the poon ooo la' la'

and more links to come!

what was I thinking... cant do that Little Guide
to House Music but hey, at least now, yo ignorant
dance people, a teenie-weenie-yellow-polkadot-bikini
bit about house music, eh?
so anyways, ill stop talking because i have not much to
say...did some stuff lately and this weekend I am wasting
away watching TV and studying for the first time in
2 years some japanese. some pics will do the talking!

an old pic from September, camping with crazy locals

unbeatable ratio

then, this past week's conference (MidYear Conference)...it was
the usual waste of time except that this year it was definitely
more fun than last year's, plus it was good bonding time for
us in the Far East Nagano (or Middle East according to Chris)

thank the kindofcrap meister for the omnipresent finger

and again...that was good Beth, THE Nagano AJET queen
before the really entertaining 3 hour speech to open the
conference was going to begin

and finally my "little brother" (kohai) Andy who is indeed the
coolest guy we have in this area after me.

fat babies

3:34 午後

Like it or not, the genre known as house was developed in the eighties
and it was clearly the first and foremost direct descendant of disco, mainly
New York underground disco aka not YMCA and all the good stuff you
hear at your radio station on saturday nights (or never like here in Japan).

Basically, what transformed disco was the heavy usage of electronic drum tracks
replacing the typically disco live orchestras. This was aimed to make people continue
to dance despite the whole "Disco Sucks" movement. The style became rawer
and deeper, including long percussion breaks that allowed the DJ to mix tracks
without interrupting the rhythm, synthesized and dub sounds and effects
(of course developed here in Japan) as well as good ole sampling of tunes
from more commercial/known music.

Names please!!! ok
So house is said to be born out of Chicago clubs in the mid '80s thanks
to Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, Fingers Inc aka Larry Heard, developing
into a sound that was getting more energetic by the year thanks to
European disco influences (like Kraftwerk, Giorgo Moroder). To this day,
a typical track out of Chicago is noticeably very european in character
(take Paul Johnson from Chicago and Daft Punk from France).
Instead, the New York underground took a more mellow approach out
of disco (Larry Levan, First Choice) led by Todd Terry.

Now....get your Kazaa or mp3 search ready:
Notable Chicago house dj's
Dj Pierre
Lil' Louis
Farley Jackmaster Funk
Fast Eddie
DJ Rush
Roy Davis Jr.
Steve Poindexter
Marshall Jefferson
Glenn Underground
Byron Stingley
Gene Farris
Dj Sneak
Derrick Carter
Green Velvet/Cajmere
Harry "Choo Choo" Romero

Notable New York house dj's
Masters at Work / MAW aka Little Louie Vega and Kenny Gonzalez
Francois K/ Francois Kevorkian
Joe Claussel
Patrick Adams
Mateo and Matos
Tom Moulton

Now, the dj's I just mentioned generally represent the
sound of the city where they're from. Of course, as time went by
this spawned a whole bunch of different styles and/or
sub-genres varying from city to country to gay club to
rave to drug. Names used to describe such sub-genres
are often ambivalent if not downright meaningless.
So I'll give it a shot. bawaaaaang!

Acid House
Began, where else, in Chicago, Acid House is where
the repetitive, impersonal and dubby rhythm of Chicago house
clashes with stripped down punishing European beats, creating
a sound that is not only techno in essence, but also trancy and
psychedelic. It definitely mixed in with Detroit techno and gave
root to trance, unfortunately.
Fast Eddie
Detroit House
Theo Parrish/ Moodymann
Deep House
Kevin Yost
Mark Farina
Ben Watt
Jay Hanna
King Britt
Tech House
Arguably defined as a more stripped-down approach
on house, this uses more synthetic-techno and/or
electro style sounds as opposed to the sampled disco
and vocals of regular house. For really dark clubs. This
overlaps all the time with deep house.
Dr Kucho
Progressive House
Deep Dish
Danny Tenaglia
Steve Lawler
John Digweed
Dubtribe Sound System
Minimalist House
Ambient House
Funky/ Disco House
Groove Armada
Eddie Amador
Roger Sanchez
Junior Sanchez
Felix da Housecat
Dj Pipi
Pound Boys
Gospel House
Needless to say, it developed out of a perfect mix of diva-driven
disco music and funky/disco beats with a good dose of
positive and Christian salvation/hope messages.
Ministers De La Funk
Hard House
Dj Irene
Funky Techno
This is where house becomes banging while still maintaining
its disco feel thanks to its loops and bass lines thus not
becoming cheesy as hard house. It overlaps with techno
due to its hypnotic machine-like sounds. Dj's mix techno music
with this all the time in their sets
Dj Dan
Ken Ishii
Donald Glaude
Fatboy Slim
Bad Boy Bill
Mondo Grosso / Shinichi Osawa
Jan Driver
Angel Alanis
Olav Basoski
Rhythm Masters
Eddy Flashing Fowlkes
French Touch
Heavily influenced by disco house's disco loops and filters,
this sound developed itself into a genre that can be
very easily recognized by its bass-driven melodies,
very loopy samples, outworldish vocals. It now resembles,
if not overlaps, Chicago disco house and funky techno.
Daft Punk
Thomas Bangalter
Raw Man
Alan Braxe
Bob Sinclar
DJ Nekbath
Dimitri from Paris
Etienne de Crecy
Le Knight Club
Sebastien Leger
We in Music
Mike 303
David Guetta
Buffalo Bunch

12:01 午前

Take this you ignorant japanese student!!!
have you visited Mark's website?

10:12 午後

Nothing nothing nothing...I mean, same ole ole
working days, working it nights, freezing cold and
party weekends....why am I doing grad school

ah yes, so I can make mo' money to party harder.

Tomorrow...(hopefully) the top 10 and..oo la' la',
my own little post-'70s guide to house music ...
for you baka confusing techno with trance and
house music with techno.

this was absolutely stolen from The EP website. booya!

11:44 午後

oh yes,
kill bill then give it to me arrr!

You would think that she'd be tired to play a killer schoolgirl,
you know, after she played a raging killing miniskirted animal in Battle Royale
but no. Right on! And as a top-seeded pervert amateur, I think
she needs a nose-job.
Yup, another 3 day weekend past, mostly spent recovering from
Friday's enth b-day bash and, oh!, going to school in
my own version of a Halloween costume, creating a big time
fracas just because, well u know, I looked like a freak.
Now, my costume was kind of a mix of a pimp and
a drag queen, but since that it's quite complicated to
explain that to my jr high kids, i stuck to what my elementary
school kids told me the day before...a dead rockstar.

needless to say, my fan club had a field day.

1.Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle without honor or humanity
2. Incognito - Get into my groove [Jazzanova Re-Groove Mix]
3. Kevin Yost - Simply so
4. Baby Mammoth - Elephunk
5. Stylophonic - Soul reply [Tom Middleton's cosmos vox mix]
6. DJ Rasoul - Oh Baby
7. Hotel Costes - No jive
8. Dana Kelley - Hell ya!
9. DJ Harri & Papa Deep - Stand up and be counted
10. Rip Slyme and Pizzicato Five - Non stop to Tokyo

next weekend.....80s party with djs Wasabepasta and Kebi Furai

7:15 午後

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