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It's all about HOUSE music. And as time goes on, we keep putting tha tang on the poon ooo la' la'

and more links to come!

Just got off the phone with my Italian buddy Sara down in
Shizuoka, ah good stuff, how's that we're all in love, and it's not
spring yet? The answer is quite simple if we think of the Law of
Japanese Cosmic Stability, meaning, "this is Japan, it happens
thus accept it as it is, don't question it because this is Japan therefore
anything is possible." This Law obviously explains why:
A)people spend 90% of their daily life at work being, in reality, only
about 40% productive and 60% pretending to be productive.
B) ATM machines can be closed on saturdays
C) ATM machines close after 6 or 7pm
B) banks close at 3pm
C) going to watch a movie can cost a min of $20
D) eating a ton of sushi can cost a max of $11
E) schoolgirls wear the shortest skirts while wading thru 2m of snow
F) many guys try so much harder than black people in America to look
like black people in America
G) why Yakuza people always wear sunglasses and walk around unpunished
H) why big fat babies are as revered as 3 Jordans and Ichiro put together
I) why foreign guys are revered for no reason other than being foreigner
J) why, as if they aren't complicated enough, characters of chinese origing
-kanji- have many completely different pronounciations
K) why men and women still sit separately as if they were Orthodox or something
L) why eh, i forgot

Actually, I am in a loving mode, I actually don't have much of a problem on many
items of the above list, expecially the fat babies since sumo tournaments are
actually very entertaining..i mean, who would not love watching two giant
fat ass motherfuckers jumping at each other giving each other immensely
strong wedgies and touch each other like a fat ass baby gnawing a bif fat ass
motherfuckin steak! ooo la la oh, and the schoolgirls too, always a visual
treat to and from work. of course, mor now than evr, hands down from the local
female fauna
but before we get into deep water, let me suggest u some good music titles
et voila', le top dix:
1.Double Exposure - My love is free
2.Shiina Ringo - Akane sasu kiro terasaredo
3.RJD2 - Two More Dead
4.Giorgio Moroder - I wanna rock you
5.Antoine Clamaran - Sensation
6.Angel Alanis - La musica [funk dub mix]
7.Stone Roses - Fools' gold
8.Gino Soccio - Dancer (12'' version)
9.Naked Music NYC - It's love [Hernans Dub Revolution mix]
10.Talib Kweli & Hi Tek - Move somethin'

You noticed, good rare disco in this top 10..the first is seriously, aw man
i dont know why i never got my hands on it before, but it is a jewel of
a tune, sampled in so many hip hop and house songs. Good jap rock/alternative
at number 2 and at 3 there is RJD2 which is wow, really gooood music.
Well, everything else is very exceptionally normal, I am happy
and all is flowing well, I even confessed my eventual return to
LA next summer to keiko and she is so the cooolest girl i have ever met
speaking about cool ladies, last week I had two of them cookin
for king paolo, hehe ya i wish, but anyway, Rie and Keiko
still cooked an incredible pasta with fresh tomato, broccoli,
garlic and anchovy sauce to die for (until u eat my mom's, of course).

having killed my neck while skiing with my students last friday,
instead of going skiing I opted to go shopping in Takasaki with
the three ladies.
note to self: never go shopping with japanese girls
unless you are already insane in the brain as Cypress Hill put it in '96
I forgot to mention that 2 days before we had a good time kickin it
together wit the koumi peeps and steve, well not much quality time
if u count 2 hours wasted for primadonna kevin to choose his darn
gloves making us wait foreva
and eva
and eva
we eventually met misaki at Ten's in Nakagomi

This sunday i finally did something cultural, after eating horse sashimi, which was making ... what are u hidin Keiko?
SOBA!! yum yum yum
so, we did soba noodles from scratch and had a good time mashing,
mixin, rollin, cutting, slicing, pokin', sweatin
believe me, it was a good time
well, we ate the whole enchilada of course!!!!
and mr Galvin is back from the dead
sporting an anime look in his hair, here pictured with mr Ostralia
Mark L.
Ah yea, well not much of an update, just an account of the major events
in this snowy freezin damned heaven. This weekend...major party ski trip
in Hakuba with 300 other party people. pixxx saucy pixxx to come....
to that, we drink for the homies. I tried mixing equal parts of grenadine,
kahlua and irish cream (dont mix, pour in the order i wrote them)
aaaahhhh yeeeea goooood stufff!!!
hontoooooo? haaaaaaaaai!

11:09 午後

Happy sundae ey! listening to Missy Elliott's "Work it", ahem yea
well rest assured it's not gonna make my top 10 ever, but it's still a
funny song about how her ugly ass can actually cause a hard on
on a guy without beer goggles. hmmm well it's just crazy how her
stupid songs have such a catch..definitely it's the beat.. speaking
of beats, the top 10 number one is not pastafunkish so.. dozo~
1.The Flaming Lips - Do you realize
2. RJD2 ft. Blueprint - Final frontier
3. Miho Hatori & Smokey Hormel - Ocean in your eyes
4. The Roots ft. Musiq - Break you off
5. Stillwater - Fever dog
6. American French Machine - American french machine
7. Anti-Pop Consortium - Conspiracy of myth
8. Byron Stingily - Back to paradise
9. Jurassic 5 - Without a doubt
10. Boards of Canada - In a beautiful place out in the country

this is a really sweet top 10 by the way~!
this week has been quite uneventful, i mean, in terms of stuff done. but gotta confess it has been
one of the happiest of my life
i am so in love.

well, of course, had a bit of party at the beginning of the week, went out on monday with
Keiko, Rie, Mark, Kevin, Julianne and Kaori for a neat dinna and then lotsa karaoka and
yummy drinka
and more delicious food
and more drugs..yah
on Friday had a neat get together in Koumi, and while I thought it was just gonna be me, Mark, Kevin
and a couple of local friends, turns out that all JET's and some private teachers from this valley showed up
making it a quite odd party, lots of small talk and soju drinks flowin, we never really all
hung out like this~

hope we wont have a war

1:50 午後

Just got back from a beautiful afternoon of skiing with Mark, Rie and Keiko, after
which we checked out a yakitori place, hidden to foreign eyes, which was right
behind the kaiten sushi place we often go. odd..but delicioussss!!! yakitori are
ze best. Between those things on sticks and a couple of drinks, the bill turned to be
about $87. I dont ask anymore, as a japanese i just accept it and go on with my
life. haha

ah, so, please stop asking, this is Keiko and me
pixxx taken with my phone.

Quite an uneventful week, back to work and all. Started awesomely with ski trips
but, then alas, work work work. Checked out a neat traditional ceremony where
a lot of wood, statuettes, and branches are needlessly burned down while we all
freakin feeeze at home. anyway, called dondo-yaki, this ceremony ends up
when on the burning ashes people place grills, over which they cook delicious

and this is the Matsudaira family. The mom is a secretary at my school,
the daughter on the left is my student at jr high, the one in the middle is a bad
ass at one of my elementary schools, while the daughter on the right is legal
and i am so gonna get her number when she goes to college next april.
did i just say that? oops!

ok for now that's it...waitin for the keiko as the usual the loser me

hontooooooo? haaaaaaaaaaaaai!


10:03 午後


yay! 2003 .. It's gonna be a good one. For the class of '02 good luck in finding the
right path that will make you happy, be it a job or an adventure or a tang, for the class
of '03 congratz, the end is near, and remember that post-graduation doesnt mean the end
of party time, but, ahem ahem, probably the best party time of ur life.
Reporter Tang: So, sir, what's the deal with the new year?
Wasabepasta: Well, as of now, it doesn't look very good. I am freezing my ass off
and will have to go back to work after tomorrow.
Reporter Tang: How about the rest of the year. Any positive outlooks?
Wasabepasta: Well, you are right, I am in a Japan hater mood. Life is good here and I am
quite happy as things are overall, in fun, love and other things. The spring
will come soon, that biatch better come damn soon, I mean, yea it will be
all flowery and happy! and life will be much much easier. Also, more parties and
more travelling. And more lovetime
Reporter Tang: And then?
Wasabepasta: And no and then.
Reporter Tang: And then?
Wasabepasta: And no and then!
Reporter Tang: And theeeeen?
Wasabepasta: Alright alright. Well, if things can only get better, then it must all go down. And
the sadnesss of going back will come. But to that day, I quote Keiko "let's enjoy".

Well on that note...let's enjoy the first top 10 of this year~~ and it starts with a sweet 2000 classic house choon
1.Markus Nikolai - Bushes [Norman Cook Remix]
2. Macross Plus - Voices [Japanese version]
3. Technasia - Force [Dave Clarke mix]
4. Scott Grooves ft. Parliament/Funkadelic - Mothership reconnection [Q's Dj groupie mix]
5. Dubtribe Sound System - Wednesday night
6. Dubtribe Sound System - Feelin' alright now
7. Beastie Boys - Paul Revere
8. Dee Patten - Who's the bad man
9. Bob Sinclar - The beat goes on [Junior Jack Remix]
10. Cajmere ft. Derrick Carter - Wet dream

yea, get these and get your ass on the dance floooorrrrrRRR rrrrrR
ok~ was your new year's good stuff? mine was. As most of my coworkers and supervisors
don't know, actually none of them know, I escaped to Manila for two weeks in
search of some peace and oh my god some freaking heat! after a grueling trip to Tokyo
(my flight was too early to get there directly from Nagano) I was enraptured by the magic
spell of Amy
too sexy
and then had a great flight with Cathay Pacific
oh my no one beats Cathay Pacific, their service and their hot hot stewardesses mmmmm
so, anyway, Manila, despite its incredible traffic and smog and poverty problem, and lack
of charm (if u want that u gotta go elsewhere in the Pilipinas) it is immensely cheap for us Japs
and there are huuuuge malls everywhere, like the Glorietta complex I visited with Kaz
and great great great great food.
Went out a bunch of times too, first was at a bar called 70s Bistro where there was a really
good reggae band performing to a really cheerful crowd . And went clubbing too, and I have to really thank Via for taking me out all these places~
in the next picture's ull see Paolo, Louie, Didge and Via
Most nights I kicked it at home with my uncle and my granny, and absorbing good
oh yes oh yes oh yes
I did also one tourist thing, went to Tagaytay which is a neat town with many resorts, very
close to the chaotic metropolis. The main attraction is a really stunning volcanic lake which
has a volcano island in the middle, basically a volcano within a volcano. The picture I did really
does not capture the beauty, so i recommend u check out this graphic website.
We kicked it there for the day, eating at Sonia's Garden

"if when why what how much have you got"

oh my, wolf fm is playing "West end girls" by Pet Shop Boys. Good stuff, my friends
Xin nien kuai le! New year's came and went like a tornado. First, I kicked it in Via's hood
for a neat family street party, just for the neighborhood, with food, karaoke, and lots of
fireworks. After midnite, it was time for the party people to take off.
First we checked out a private party in a mall, but being quite, eh, commercially and corwded
opted to go to a huge street party/rave in the same area where we stayed backstage and
enjoyed a good mix by Dj Ali (remember him from A Tribe Called Quest?)
Then, at around 4 we headed
to the top of a skyscraper, a helipad (!!!!!), for another private party, to get our
electronic groove on during the first 2003 rising sun
that's Dj Mr King

Happy new year!!! (and humpalot)

and yes, I did have a haircut, ok? 5 days ago!
hontoooo??? haaaaaaaaaaiiiiiii!

4:38 午後

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