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It's all about HOUSE music. And as time goes on, we keep putting tha tang on the poon ooo la' la'

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Is it time for cheese? Yes, it� time for some cheese! So, finally my
area was blessed with a honestly beautiful day, though still too cold
for my SoCal taste, but you can imagine, the typical postcard day on
the Swiss Alps. For those of u who have no idea what I am talking about,
well, I had the luck of living in the old ass continent for 16 years before
moving to the greatest city of the world, Santa Maria de Los Angeles,
and in many occasions I went hiking on the Alps since my city, Turin,
was not even an hour away from them. So, when it was postcard-perfect
day, you� see an intensely blue/azur sky, not a cloud, not even in the
distance, no haze whatsoever, a gentle breeze and an air so clean that it
penetrates you and goes straight to your brain and makes you feel really
good, like you�e one with nature and all u wanna do is milk the next cow
u encounter and drink the unprocessed white stuff.
By the way, I have drunk unprocessed water buffalo milk (called carabaw
in the Philippines) and it was really different, but really good too.

Didn� get sick!
Ok, so, anyway, living in a fairly rural highland area, I am experiencing
the same thing today. Also, there are the stupid cherry blossoms all
over the place and their mild sweet smell permeates the gentle breeze,
it� nice, like breasts really.

But the point of the story is that today too I have only 3 classes and
therefore from 12 to 4pm I am stuck here mentally jacking off while I
could very well do the Japanese thing outside and watch the stupid
cherry blossoms. Right! But still, I hate wasting time here.
Another point of the original story, when I was talking about cheesiness
is that many of you keep asking how the eternal bachelor has finally
been locked down, and it� already been 5 months and he is still locked
down. So, how did Paolo get into this mess and what the hell is Keiko thinking?

It all comes down to a three-letter word ___ ___ ___ .
That too, you pervs, but what I meant was
Of course not that only, but I just wanted to do the lame three-letter word joke.

So, the bits and pieces of the story are really comical, but you guys have to
be here to understand it, but in summary I met her at Beth� bday party last
That's Anya, Beth and Mark...u can see keiko in other pixxx I was obviously
trashed, didn� remember her but she remembered
me, called me a week later, went out once, twice and then dinners at my
place, then voila� Met the family, blablabla. By Xmas Paolo was whooped like
a mofo. So, we�e going very steady and just last night we booked our first
major trip together, 3 days in the beach paradise of Okinawa at a resort that
goes for $2000 for 3 days on peak season�lthough for me anything outside
of this stupid place is paradise, well ok, outside of Nagano.
Point of the story is that I am happy and, really, I wonder if the flop with
Ucla grad (which forced me to re-contract and stay for another year in Japan)
is a sign. But that is whooped-talk and you don� give a damn!
So, let me just post a little conveniently gratuitous sexy pic to give u guys a
small breather.

And another top 10 to make up for those I haven� posted last month
1. R�ksopp - Eple [full version)
2. Takako Minekawa - Fantastic cat
3. Kid Creme - Down and under [extended mix)
4. Dj Spen pres. Deepah Ones - Freak
5. Nikki Costa - Everybody got their something
6. M Flo ft. Kenji from Dragon Ash - The love hole
7. Fred Everything - Good Morning
8. Hawke & Adamsmasher - Party people
9. Ketsumeishi - Tomodachi
10. Modaji - The Latin Protocol


12:01 午前


On TV there's a really ancient John Wayne movie that, even though in
the previous entry I wrote that movies in English are precious, there
are some that..umm.. NO!

so, I am watching, obviously not paying much attention to it, a stupid
program about this student (mind you, it's a reality show) and the
camera just follows him through his struggles of living alone at his
age (extremely rare in Japan), as he is 20 years old, trying to go through
the difficult exams to achieve the apex of Japanese idiocy, the University
But we shall discuss that another time, also because I am changing
channel, hoping to find the same program I saw last week where two
teams of male celebs would compete with each other doing the stupidest
things you'd imagine, for example guessing the exact moment a spinning wheel
would reach the point of "dismembering" a one piece dress on an obviously
fine lady.
That was actually fun. Japanese TV is the best.

For me to poop on!!!!


10:39 午後


Almost happy easter!
So does this pic of a kaiten sushi make u hungry? I am always freaking
hungry for sushi, wasabi is my pet name randy! Well found an unconventional
way to post my pix using the graces of virtualtourist.com, what could I do?!
neither yahoo nor imagestation were helping out! Well, before we get started on
some war and Japan bashing time, let's look at what our home dj has to offer
1. Minmi - T.T.T
2. Mondo Grosso ft. BoA - Everything is love
3. Kid Creme - Everybody's flying [promo mix]
4. Royksopp - Eple [Fatboy Slim Mix]
5. Ayumi Hamasaki - Trauma [Yukihiro Fukutomi Mix]
6. Minmi - The Perfect Vision
7. Filur - You and I [Moonbootica remix]
8. Dj Format ft. Jurassic 5 - We know something
9. Grant Phabao - Tub [Antoine Clamaran Remix]
10. Queen of the Stoneage - No one

When it is time to write it�s time to write, and when it's time to update, it's time to update,
but crapola now that I realize I have a lot of stuff that I did that I'd like to talk and talk and
bore and bore you about, and I'll do it..you know why? Because right now I am writing
in school and I have the beauty of 3 hours to kill in complete silence.
Actually it's been like this since last Wednesday, only 3 classes in the morning, then the
students get out of school. Why? Now, here's the best part, and it all comes down to the
theory of the Japanese school system aka The Big Babysitter:
1) The teachers leave the school too in order to visit each and every single family of each
student in order to talk about the student
2) Those teachers not busy with visiting the family of the student (thus at the same time
checking that the student's family is not fucked up, or too openly fucked up that a
future suicide is sure to happen) as I was saying, those who aren't busy spending
taxpayer's money in an equally useless manner like me right now, will ..ok, get this,
drive around the town and the towns nearby to make sure that the students are not only
behaving, but also to make sure that they do not leave the city limits, and in the evening
to make sure they arrive home safely. Realizing that this is a different culture, where
most parents do not give much of a shit about their children once they enter the
school-era -except when it`s exam time or marriage time, thus when they get part of the
system, thus the system becomes their new family, I still think it stinks for the teachers,
extra work, you see.

However, come to think of it, they'd still stay in school until 8 or 9pm rolling their thumbs
so they might as well take this opportunity to get out of this hole called Usuda Junior
High School.
Anyway, as a western-styled salaryman, I do enjoy this free time although I'd rather be at
the beach faraway, basically not in Japan, or at least in the arms of Keiko, because everybody
needs a bosom for a pillow (45!) (Brimful of Asha on the)(45!)
Haha Brimful of Asher. good ole Glenrock, I wonder what happened to Mike aka John and
his gay friend Asher. (UCLA joke sorry)

So, to tell you what has been going on lately, all I should do is to slowly go back
in time, and tell you about this past weekend, very uneventful really but still joyous
to my heart, fattening to my belly, and boring most of the time. yea well, the whole
weekend rotated around 2 main events, mainly a long ass drinking party with my colleagues
on Friday and a double date with Keiko's best friend Mami to watch the stupid ass
cherry blossoms that everyone is so gaga for them. Granted, they are beautiful, but they're
not as beautiful as their cemented rivers and unburied electrical lines that cheerfully
crisscross the entire Japanese sky. Now, turns out that I can't really read calendars,
so the party is next Friday, and Mami gets sick from drinking too much the previous night
(bare in mind that it is the third double date in a row that is thwarted by her being
sick in some form or another)
So, the moral of this story is sex sex sex. But of course, you didn't need to know that.
But that was my weekend pretty much. Oh yes and some drinking with Mr Galvin, also last night
with Rie and Keiko
The week has become a routine that is inexorably killing time too fast.
Work, go home at 4, meet the lady, go to gym with Mark and Lui, English movie
on tv (those are precious), sleep and the lady again. Of course, I'm not complaining.
Although I'd rather take walks by the beach if there were one in this stupid ass town.


5:16 午後

Yo yo yo yo

happy easter to everyone...got the update bug back, must be the 30 degrees
(centigrade or celsius, u peeps) that is melting my brain....

yay! arent u happy???


10:28 午後

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