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It's all about HOUSE music. And as time goes on, we keep putting tha tang on the poon ooo la' la'

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Dinner Rush (2000) by Bob Giraldi

well, 2 days left.....

2:11 午前


12:07 午前

ぷた あい うあんと つ さっく よう こっこ

10:44 午後

Exactly a week to go, and the land of the absolutely free, the land of
run for the border Taco Bell, of big steaks, of big guns, of big SUVs,
of 24hr ATMs, of 24hr supermarkets, of cheap hookas, of affordable
vegetables to smoke on the hookas, of no mp3s, of chinese buffets,
of no inconprehensible 日本語 of white hoochie mamas instead of 山姥,
of スナックバル with cheap prices and perhaps less hookers, thai, that is,
of no 飲み保代 or else bars would go out of business, of expensive and
low quality 寿司 。。that is..sushi. Yea....America あめりか or アメリカ or
亜米利加 or according to our ramen makers 美国
cant read the japanese i wrote?,...... see what i mean!!!!!?!! jk, go to
your start menu, control panel, languages and add Jap as one of the
languages of your stupid/japanese-made machine.

Yes, I will be able to order a Big Mac without feeling obliged to bow back
to an overzealous supershortskirted and *good god* smiling MacDonalds
worker. Yes, I will be able to get my money out of an ATM that
wont completely shut down on me eating my card and the money when it's
the ATM's closing/dinner time. Yes, on that note, I will be able to go to the
bank after 3pm !!! Yes, I will be able to not only buy a real gun at the
market, but also a real Japanese katana!!! (? by the way)
and bring it back to Japan as a souvenir!!!!!! Yes, I will be able to buy
a Coke or a Dr Pepper from a machine that doesnt thank me nor let
me make phone calls to my 32 female and goat lovers!

aw man...I need a bean burrito...

aw dont cry, lady, you can be my burrito tonight!


1:52 午後

Look at that....no top 10 (aka Wasabepasta's suggestions
for download, easy listening/groovin, spinning) in so long!!!!
ok, i like Halcali, dont give crap for that..check out the pic
in my previous entry

1. Halcali - Tandemu
2. Dj Format feat. MC Abdominal - The hit song
3. The Rapture - Olio
4. Mai Kuraki feat. M-Flo - Crumbly butterfly
5. Manhattan Transfer - 10 minutes till the savages come
6. Four Tet - As serious as your life [Original mix]
7. Roman Salzger - Clubganger
8. Rhymester feat. Kohei - Brothers 2000 (DJ Yutaka UN mix)[2003 re-edit]
9. Zuco 103 - Brazilectro [Maurice Fulton Remix]
10. G-Pal - Ocean of blue [Side-A mix]

cheers~ happy sunday

9:29 午前

Call me a missionary...I introduced to the savages the art
of drinking Adios Motherfu**ers.
The next drink that the local bartenders wont be able to make I
will name it after the greatest Wasabepasta.

i need to review my math for that

so, i got some (1) requests regarding where do I download
other dj's mixes so here are the links. Of course, I get many
off Kazaa and Winmx, but these are really good ones

Dj Shawa
Angel Alanis, Urban Rees
Chicago Groove
Deep House and Classics
Dj Richard
Dj Sarki
Garage House music
Dj Ingela
Hoola Groove
an Eddie Amador mix
Links to mixes
Staple SF
Techno links
Dj sets online
BPM Radio
Dj mixes links
Pure Groove
Club Radio Network
Mateo & Matos
Audio Soul Project or Mazi
Mike Dearborn

do you wanna



12:23 午後


why not start Kindofcrap style with some engrish I found
while shopping in Takasaki.
Hello and Happy December...rrriiiiight.....rain rain rain

i was so happy to start December with a Monday that I
decided to be terribly sick and forfeit my beautiful
teaching Monday. boo hoo
so, instead of killing myself to get my message across to
willing ignorant wannabes, I watched Chicago...sweet! eh?
had a nice brunch, and had dinner soon thereafter
and accomplishing absolutely zero. Of course, because this
is Japan and since your boss is your mom, the school promptly
checked on me a couple of times calling on my home phone
instead of my cell...u know, just in case id be fooling around
god forbid outside of my town, doing the Galvin
or, worse, playing THE pool

This past weekend was a very good FarEastNagano bonding
experience, not only in the getting all naked part at the
famous Sanada Onsen open air spa
(for your safety, no pictures of us sexy naked men, but rest
assured it was a truly beautiful spa)...as I was saying
we got our 3 teams to represent our retarded valley at
the first all-Nagano Jet 3-on-3 basketball tourney.

We most obviously kicked ass and went on an awesome
carnage, but were so merciful that we left the finals to
two other undeserving teams.
That's all of us from the Far East plus the Filipino
Hooker (from the South FYI) and freshman Paul
(FYI from the Central Nagano)

eh, some more engrish? ok!
offered to you by Keiko

it takes more than me to burn her to the bone, i suppose

when i'll be decrepit, ill need a grandson like this one.


8:41 午後

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