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It's all about HOUSE music. And as time goes on, we keep putting tha tang on the poon ooo la' la'

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Before I go help my kohai (meaning the little brother
in a big brother-little brother system like the stupid frats do) to buy
his car, lemme post a top 10 for old tymes' sakes.
1. Dj Dan - Get up
2. Led Zeppelin - Black dog
3. Benny Benassi - Satisfaction [B2 B-Deep remix]
4. Lee Cabrera - Shake it [Stonebridge remix]
5. Dizzee Rascal - Fix up look sharp
6. DJ Honda & Camp Lo - Disco T-E-C
7. Rip Slyme ft. Breakestra - Introduction - Chicken
8. Ice T - Reckless
9. Elton John - Are you ready for love
10. Joey Beltram - Super magnetic

This is gooooooooood stuff people!!! download it and get caught by the RIAA!!!! yippeee!

4:08 午後

Talk about being back, crap! I am at work from 8am to 6pm
everyday now! darn speech contest!! You see, in Japan,
making speeches entirely in English is a (not surprising)(and I am
not being sarcastic) a task so daunting that it needs to be
placed into a race so competitive that drives the athlet..I mean
the students to the brink of madness. My school has the rep of being
one of the best represented schools since we practically win
every year and since making gestures plays an important
part of the final score, my students have been doing
really well thanks to my quasi-erotic attitude I teach my students
to show off during their speech. Of course, all the contenders
are girls, and 99% of judges are pervert old men.
After a tough competition, out of 7 girls we had to choose
2, so it is safe to say that some of them wont come to school
tomorrow due to depression.
And back by popular demand, are my last year's speech
contest girls, the infimous Ayumi "nice and shaypely legs" on
the left and Yuuna "flend of gleens".

The dude must be a woman too, but dont look like a lady.

Ah, a' propos, turned all Japanese this past Friday in occasion
of a big firework show in he town nearby, so dressed in Keiko's
new gift (a delicious jinbe as it is called) and escorted
by this beautiful kimonoed oriental flower (as a dorky white guy with
an asian fetish would say) we did the Japanese thing,
namely watched the fireworks from the bridge together with
old and new friends (who were drunk, but that's very Japanese of
them, too).

what's up with
this mom's dress?!!

argh, where is the weekend?

10:49 午後


just look at the Jap prime minister (the man on the left)
this country is in his clapping hands alas

well, I'm back in the rice fields. Raise those shots of sake for another year in Japan!

10:25 午後

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