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It's all about HOUSE music. And as time goes on, we keep putting tha tang on the poon ooo la' la'

and more links to come!

I am just a hopeless romantic..sorry i just had to say it...
so here's the top 10..once again...late! haha e n j o y !
1. Kaskade - What I say [Gravel Dub]
2. Michelle Weeks - The light [UDP Classic Mix]
3. Praise Cats ft. Andrea Love - Shined on me [Radio edit]
4. Groove Armada - Chicago
5. Daniel Beddingfield - Gotta get through this
6. The Rurals - Sweeter sound
7. Filur meets Magnum Coltrane Price - I want you [Radio Edit]
8. Ennio Morricone - The legend of the pianist
9. DJ Buck - Make it hot [Dub edit]
10. Artful Dodger - Please don't turn me on

whoa! what happened to all that jpop and all that rock!!!???!! well about the rock, no worries
there wasnt much before anyways, but jpop, well as any pop, it still hasnt changed
since last week, as it hasnt for the past months in truth. so bye bye Ayu, Morning
Musublah and kikos kanakos and such. haha
This weekend was very interesting on friday, neat party time with Beth in Ueda and
all the Ueda old jets ooooold, who the hell stays more than 2 years in this
god forsaken poonanny-land? Beats the heck out of me, I mean I'd stay here one
more year if I followed my heart and my wallet, leaving my head seriously buried under
20 feet into the ground. But, since that isnt the case, I am resolutely comng back to
LA and spend all the money I am saving, well not really, really, into the Ucla industry.
oh yea baby
so, education inc. will keep on going and going and going and going....

ah yea, so the party time was fun, but the rest of the weekend was eventless,
bordering with slight boredom at times and finally plunging into boredom on
sunday night. Screw that, resting at home is so overrated. Not gonna do that again.
Think that, out of boredom, me of all people spun a whole 80 minute set of jungle,
yes Jungle, of all the music i have haha

had to have a haircut today, might have a date tomorrow and decided
that i seriously look like like like like, i dunno, guess? shit! haha well
I guess that's what happens when u work in an environment where
truly looks dont matter at all until the weekend comes, but even then
ud be eventually too plastered to really give a damn. Anyways,
point is that once again I am forced to wonder why is it so hard to
get the haircut done the way u want it, here in nippon. I mean, granted
the language barrier, but after u show the picture of what u want and
even show the hair 'artist' how to cut it....
and i repeat this again..haircuts here are not that great..check this
out..i mean, why does this stupid fashion dictates ultra super layered
point is, my haircut looks alright, afte it was ultra layered and told the
lady to cut that shit shorter. haha i mean harharhar (evil)

well, my neighbor is out at a meeting manana, hence
I have 3 classes of 15 year old all for me. joy oh joy
that was pure ass sarcasm by the way hehehe

cheers always! ah i watched Keeping the faith ... ladies watch out..
i think I'm the Norton of the movie...

11:38 午後

Hello people! Just chillin at home while the sun is slowly setting ..what a beautiful
day, so warm and sunny, and the kids at Kirihara Elementary (I call it Harakiri
elementary for obvious reasons) didn't butcher me nor attack me with their
usual crazy friendliness..I guess it's because I kept them reeeel busy in class
and then played with them a lot during breaks, eh! go me!
Listening to a mix by Laurent Garnier...pretty good! it's his live Essential Mix
at Homelands 2002. techno techno techno
I am actually killing time before my guests arrive...wanna do a neat get together
cook and drink... nice almost-weekend!


5:43 午後

Galvin at his best

10:26 午後

Crap.. I a apologize for doing a blog a week, but let me assure you that weekdays
are somewhat uneventful unless you want accounts about my long days at school
teaching or pretending to, and playing around with the kids like there's no school ;-)
Well, actually an event that will be stuck in my mind for a while, more than any other
"official" school event (like the big festival my school had), happened last friday,
a beautiful and unually summery day...the third years had a class competition right
after lunch, therefore (well... no therefore, but thats the way it was haha) no classes
for the rest of the school too. So, I joined the second years and walked to the top of
the Usuda Park...lots of grass, great weather..... after an hour of designing and drawing
the orderly park became a huge playground.. played lots of soccer with te guys and
baseball with the gals.. ahh so much fun times!!!! Wish we had more days like that one.

The weekend was, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh (jk) , crazy fun... Felix B
from the duo Basement Jaxx truly rocked Club Womb, a very dark but tight club
4 stories high...but hecka crowded!!! After the really eclectic set by Dj Mochizuki
full of dark dark techno (this is exactly what I was looking for, I heard so much about
this type of east asian techno), jungly breaks and old school stuff, Felix B took
the stage and bang...the crowd went wild..but right after that it was like
haha crucified +++++ .. he plays hip hop!!! oooo big scandal among all these techno
heads...3 songs wu tang style..
and then...
I overjoyed, while others just looked at me like a loony...Felix B drops the Knight Rider'sbhangra
Well right after that...straight banging techno techno techno..not even some house to
massage my indian tainted ears haha. Among the songs I recognized were "Get me off",
that song from the Levi's commercial and the last song "Where's your head at?" which
on a system like that it was quite mindblowing, even though I was talking with friends outside
when it came on... in any case I still remember when that song was still unreleased
and Van Helden spun it at the Love Festival last year
now that was crazy!
The day after I went straight to meet Pam and Amy at Ueno...yup...no sleep...we went to Nikko
and that is a fab city!!!! came back, ready to pass out at any moment, but still went
for corean bbq and then karaoke... sure enuff, I passed out in 30 secs at Pam's place
The day after we went around Harajuku, shopped and stuff....
very awesome day!!!!

Well, after a neat Monday, off for some holiday that I have no idea what it's called,
during which I met up with the local peeps to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving
at an Indian restaurant, where more than half of the people weren't Canadians..
go figure!

Ok... here's the top 10 of the weekend !!! last weekend, eh?
1. Jody Watley - Photographs
2. Cibo Matto - About a girl
3. Coldplay - In my place
4. Harry 'choo choo' Romero - Tania
5. Utada Hikaru - Simple and clean [Planit B short edit remix]
7. Ayumi Hamasaki - Voyage
8. BoA - Kiseki
9. Underworld - Born slippy [Fatboy Slim remix]
10. Underworld - Two months off

that's all for now... of course it's raining now haha

9:36 午後

Konbanwa people!
Before we all enter in the realm of Wasabepasta's enth weekend, it's time to unveil
the usual weekly top 10... this time it is a tad bit bitty eclectic
1. Kris Kross ft. Super Cat - Alright
2. Africanism - Block party
3. Ketsumeishi - Tegami
4. Xploding Plastix - Funnybonez and lazylegz
5. Kubota Toshinobu - As one
6. Misia - Tsutsumi komuyouni
7. Tenor Saw - Ring the alarm
8. Ketsumeishi - Yorukaze
9. Knee Deep vs Shakatak - Nightbirds [A side]
10. Lil Louie Vega & Jay Sinister ft. Julie McKnight - Diamond life [Full main mix]

Ah, so many things to say, for y'all in Bush Land and in Pasta Land ..well u guys
just have to come to experience it all... weekends are seriously what keeps me
from going nuts in a bad way!!! The soccer tournament was the bomb, not only
Nagano won (we beat Kyoto 2-0, Tochigi 2-0, 4-1 demolition of Niigata in the
quarter finals, 2-0 win over Yamanashi in the semis and in the final, facing
defeat with about 3 minutes to go we made it 1-1 going to penalties against Saitama
.. winning after the second sudden death penalty!) but we had an amazing fun time
day and night.
Saturday, when we got there I was just amazed by the grandeur of the venue
an amazing sports complex known to be the summer retreat of the national
soccer team and rugby team... incredibly nice, perfect grass, wwooww..
Met many people too, and the local gals...... sooo, anyway, the afterparty began
right away, with each prefecture partying in their own huge rooms, getting all "happy"
to have dinner; after dinner all the 600 people finally mixed and partied 7 hours non
stop to funk and house, such an amazing party! Great night, then, and then great
Sunday, even though it was really cooooooooooooooooooooooooooold.
Then, nothing...Monday hit me like a brick in the nads...so i relax myself losing
myself into movies, so I just watched a retarded yet entertaining french movie
called Yamakasi (multiracial modern day french stunt people saving a boy's life
....there, I told you the whole 2 hour story) great soundtrack by the way, if ure into
baguette hip hop, of course. Then I watched Jackie Chan's Accidental Spy, very
cool as usual, with fooooyne fooooyne cuuuuute actress Kim Ming Jeon. oooo baby
Whats the deal with Bush anyways. And the sniper dude?
oh weeelllzz for now i salute y'all, still all good in this hood

10:23 午後

Konnnnnnichiwaaaaaaa..... sorry I am posting only now, but I ve been so
busy doing nothing.... well the typhoon came and was soon gone, my bike
moved a bit, I heard it moving during the insane winds outside, but by midnight,
despite Ha's claims that we were in the eye of the storm, the starry skies
announced a week of sunshine and some deserved heat. However the
rest of the nation was not so lucky.
other than that, well for some reason Ive had jack to do in school, well
except for the elementary school kids, as usual very happy but energy
black holes!!!

I also just came back from an incredible dinner with Chiho, Blair and Toshiie
in this really cool hotel/resort area in the middle of the forests, but really
luxurious and oh so no japanese..in fact it totally reminded me of american
cabins, just really nice. This place is called Yatsugatake Kogen Lodge..
check it out for free!

This weekend it's party time once again! Big soccer tournament involving
all Jets from all Japan, so about 500 people are expected to attend both
the tournament and the subsequent mega party at Hotel Yamabiko.
Right now I kinda feel guilty for not going somewhere and doing
something cultural...oh well, it's only right now haha... well next week
I am off to Tokyo once again to see...drum roll... Basement Jaxx!!!! at an
event in Shibuya appropriately called Tokyo London Clash hahaha.
By the way, watch your speakers when u go on the Jaxx's site.'
(that's "Where's your head at", by the way...and the video is at the bottom of
this page....
oh yea, the cultural part of the trip to tokyo is that I will go to
Nikko after that...but ill tell u about it next time...

Ah before i go to beddie bye, let me reintroduce the top 10
that I have been naughtily neglecting..
1. Basement Jaxx - Where's your head at? [John Ciafone Dub Mix]
2. Puffy Ami Yumi - Hurricane
3. Rip Slyme - Paradise
4. Fantastic Plastic Machine - Beautiful days
5. The Skatalites - Latin goes ska
6. Dj John Julius Knight - Find a friend
7. Dj Rasoul - Oh baby [original mix]
8. Red Soul - My mind [Club Mix]
9. Black Eyed Peas - Karma
10. Philly Station - Mon super love [L'Original Instrumental mix]

so.. for now... ja mata neee!

11:58 午後

It's very very crazy outside...most powerful typhoon in 50 years...
I am soooo in Asia hahaha
click for typhoon article

7:45 午後

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