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It's all about HOUSE music. And as time goes on, we keep putting tha tang on the poon ooo la' la'

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So, after re-picking up playing the clarinet, my latest slap to electronic
music is picking up playing the guitar, and this is cool, though my fingers
hurt. Of course I could ask my students for an erotic finger massage, but
I'll pass. I'm outta here anyway tomorrow, well for at least a week, back
to pizzaland Italy. Cuwabunga!
Well, as another pointless day is passing, I will put a stop to it with a
poonanny top 10 (n some Keiko of course)
1.Junior Senior - Move your feet [Radio edit]
2. Queen - Crazy little thing called love
3. Dj Format ft. Jurassic 5 - We know something
4. Shakedown ft. Terra Deva - Drowsy with Hope [John Ciafone Mix]
5. Conga Squad - Initialize
6. Atjazz - Touch the sun [Tom and Joyce Remix]
7. DJ Spinna - Across the globe
8. Sebastien Leger - Victory [Josh Wink Interpretation mix]
9. Buck 65 - Jaws of life
10. Road of Major - Taisetsu na Mono

Junior Senior rules! I am so serious!


8:04 午後

Gosh I hate teaching first year and second year elemntary kids
so full of energy but no comprehension skills, i mean, they are babies
and on top of that I had so many teachers from other schools
just standing in the classes watching.
some pressure!
on that note, i gotta go back to my memories...
last week, at this time i was here: (ok, it was midnight, so it was dark,
but u get the idea)
that's the view from my room
that's a really hot girl looking out
that's a loser in a Goya costume
Goya is, by the way, a typical okinawan veggie that is disgustingly bitter but that
is succesfully delicious thanks to really great recipes. of course, on Japan proper
they import it and sell it at impossible prices and they eat it disgustingly bitter.
Why are Japanese so Japanese?
But alas, some hours from now we would have to leave our heaven and go back
but we still had a couple of days in Tokyo before going back to Nagano, so we
frolicked (notice the robots...er, I mean
the people on the escalator...clones!!!!)
and we frolicked more
well, we still dream about Okinawa today.
And Winny the Pooh still dreams about the night he spent in Keiko's blouse.
Lucky little bastard


12:49 午前

Perhaps I forgot to mention a while back that Bryan, sharlz and Tyson
(I spelled the s of Sharlene small because she is a woman) duh

so, in summary, as you might expect, it was a week of:
1) alcohol
2) realizing that Japan is indeed the oddest country in the world after Disneyland
3) alcohol
4) picking up girls
5) picking up waitresses
6) measuring skirts
Ah I love skirts..shouto sukaato if u catch my drift
Anyway, the reason why I mentioned this is because I just wanted to post my pic
of schoolgirls (and Bryan, but that's not the point) is because apparently I am
not allowed to post porn or even quasi porny pictures
So, besides random club visits, stupid ass work, severed heads found in rivers
and the typical doomsday cult (another characteristically tradition of Nagano)
also known as the Panawave Laboratory super-covered by the media (what can u do,
the stupid seal -Tamachan- is getting too fucked up by chemicals to be cute
thus not newsworthy enough, and the cherry blossoms have, er, blossomed).

And it was my birthday, aka Children's Day, when they of course get drunk but this
time in honor of their children who cant really drink. The children, male, that is,
are represented by fish streamers. These tricky fish-mongers!

and my 23 candles were lit..23...."I love Mike" !! it's about time Jordan leaves
washington and go back to Chi-town!!!

Received great gifts, no, really, thank you guys! Wine, wine, wine, sangria, wine
more sangria, a banana-hammock (aka speedoes that do not fit me), a banana
to show how the speedo swimwear works, a Sai Baba magnet and an empty
Cap'n Crunch box, all courtesy of captain Pervert Mark, oh, and naked ladies
from our Nakagomi representative who is definitely not the author of Kindofcrap.com.
Then...the greatest gift from me myself and I

cheeers!!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@ o(^_^)o
www.kindofcrap.com go visit it, fools!!

11:46 午後

you've got the right to remain...excited!

Back from the Okinawa trip...good times!~


12:03 午前

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