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just had a neat sushi get together at my dojo with lena, anya, beth
mark and mongokid galvin
while it was snowing outside~~ eeek~
Im debating whether i should go easy this weekend in tokyo and
hang out at small places or throw myself into the massive
crazy nightm like at slinky~

12:40 午前

So, the trip began on wednesday night, when i went to see Amy, Ha and Devin
all the way south, just to hang out, and oh holy craaaap ha has the best house
i have ever seen, better than spencer's thats for sure
Anyway, the day after I had to attend like everyone else a two day conference
that turned out to be not as wild as I thought, considering we were in te
middle of nowhere with, oh my god, a curfew. but at least i went three
time in the same night to an onsen. not healthy i know. after a pleasant
night playing uno and another day of meetings, I realized that it wasnt such a
bad idea to have a meeting after all, i learned many things and realized that
not only I suck as a teacher, but that JET is really stupid to send people
like me so unprepared. But all good, now I know I am not the only bad
teacher so I feel awesome! yay haha
So, to demonstrate my newfound knowledge and appreciation for Japan
I joined the 11-man soccer team to party our ass off down in..Osaka!
Osaka? Hontoooo? Haiiiiiii!!!
oh yes, baby, bumpin all kinds of techno and old school hip hop, two cars of
crazy naganoans arrive in Osaka after a 5 hour journey through central japan
to enjoy the city of clubbing and to tap the incredible female resource.

That's Ed, with two hons, so yea we get there, walk around, go to this
bar, all u can eat and drink, sweeeeet! This is called "nomihodai"
pissed drunk after that
but, regardless, we stumble at two clubs where more friends join us and eventually
I think walk around Osaka with the sun already up, with half the people lost
somewhere, and others improvising a soccer game with yakuza and pimps
waiting for the returns of the night, no joke. Ends up with people laughing
and us taking refuge at a capsule hotel, thats right...not bad at all!!!
was very very nice and comfy, it was a coffin after all, but it was equipped
with all commodities inside, super clean, and on the floor there were common
bathrooms but very luzurious and on the roof a full fledged onsen with massage
things and many different pools... ssshhweeet i have to say, a real hangover
killer. Now, I'd like to link you to that place but I really cant seem to find the
card I got, so let me jus ttell you it's conveniently across one of the best
Osaka clubs, the Underlounge.
That said, we picked up bits and pieces of the previous night/morning at
about 2pm, recovered Adrian from wherever he was, and went to
play the Osaka Jet team and humiliated them, them being 20 fresh
arrogant pros and us being 11 hungover, injured and, in my case,
good basketball players on a soccer field.
1-0 was the score.
1-0 is hard-core!
hontooo??? haaaiiii!!!!
that done, we were way in high spirits and ready to party, this time
we got smart and checked in at the hotel first, freshend up and
headed once again to an all u can drink, met the usual ladies

and more

and then headed, as far as i can remember, to an irish bar to
watch a rugby game, totally uninteresting to me, eh? im canadian like that
i ditched the group and ventured into the wilderness of the
beauty of Osaka Namba's district to meet someone at a club, guess whooo?

that's right PlanBsters and UCLenos, Izzie!!!!!
anyway, banging funky techno all night, which was prolonged by continuous
encores, and the dj was just on fire. The tang that was in there....Bryan ud have a
stroke. And Sharlene too. Hi Jen!

Well, useless to explain that Sunday was a long drive of shame, and for me an endless
journey that took me home at midnight, with bloody monday to look forward to.

thanks for the memories, mates!

11:20 午後

Before telling you th tale of this past weekend, let me share quick thoughts about two
weekends ago's party weekend

From such an innocent get together to celebrate Beth's b-day, how did it turn to this, with
these fine men

falling for the same woman!

well happy b-day Beth! hhehehe

7:02 午後


Hello!!!! I apologize for the complete lack of updates>>Ive been away for almost
a whole week...came back from Osaka today!!! oooooo mmmyyy
ill spill the beans tomorrow. of course, not all the beans.
After all, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!" ;-)

1:15 午前

hey dee hooo! Thursday night! middle of the week, and Im posting!!
nothing nothing, just chillin with a JET peep from another ken, listening
to a neat deep house set
this is a great website
im planning to post my mixes on it soon enough.
the day went very well today, i taught first, second and third graders in elementary
school how to give directions (go left, go right, go, stop) so when they
grow up and a gaijin asks them for directions they will remember that
they should have paid attention when paolo-sensei was explaining that
basic shit to them. Well, ok, i think at least some third graders got it.
I doubt anyone, teachers included, remembered anything once i left the school.
Hmmm...it must be pretty hard to learn english at that age. Think about it.
What if u were back in elementary school, and one day this random
japanese guy comes in to teach u japanese, and he knew no english.
Well, besides being stoned, being westerner kids wild animals as they are,
he would not receive such a welcome resonse. i think. here they play
along and cheer and squabble among each other to grab the tiniest
pieces of my clothing or one of my fingers. yet they suck in class.
booooh? good thing im just a "cultural ambassador" :-O

The funny part came later. I am expected to get off work at 4 every day
regardless of where i am. However, elementary schools usually are done
by 2:30 or 3 so i get off too, and the elementary school supervisors dont give
a damn of what i do once classes have ended..my job is done after all! anyway
my principal at my main school, the middle school, is extremely nice, a really
nice man, but when it comes to money and work, he's quite the unmovable
cow in the middle of the one way road, very stingy in giving vacation days,
and making sure i go to every meeting where the only words i understand
are "hai" and my own japanese words, mainly "wakannai" which is
slang for "i dont understand jack shit", or, better, "i dont compriende,
thus i surrender competely to ur will while smiling like an idiot".
so, point of the story is, i riding along my bike at 2:30 when at the red light
a couple of blocks from my house..the principal is chilling in his stupid
japanese car. Green...pheew im off the hook... but not for long, i turn the
smallest streets, and sure enough he's there driving around, maybe looking for
a store, and sure enough we make eye contact, but since im in winter
camouflage he doesnt really recognize me... but his second loooks are sure
chilling my blood...the shit id get if i didnt report back to school.
Just imagine Ferris Beuler. The scene of the dad and ferris running back home..
yea, anyway, i got home safe and sound

12:17 午前

Open up your heart and shine on me!
-Praise Cats - Shine on me

Had a good talk with Izzie, yup she's still kicking it down
south in hyogo, perhaps we'll party when i go to Osaka
next week!!! world gets smaller day by day ;-)
enjoy this one haha, what a fruit


12:31 午前

Konbanwa people, finally at home..what was supposed to be quite a dl weekend
chill chill chill, turned out to be quite a wild one. The origina plan was of course
not to stay at home loungin and pretending to study nihongo but was to go to a
work meeting in Matsumoto for the Nagano Jets on Friday, then meet up with those
Japanese ladeees met in Koumi (see last week's entry), then after a night of sweet
hot sushi (jk jk of course..not!) just rest at home watching Monty Python's old
stuff (among which the masterpiece "Meaning of Life") and the greatest philosophy
ever made on the big screen, and I rip directly from the end of the script:
"Well, that's the end of the film. Now, here's the meaning of life. Thank you, Brigitte. M-hmm. Well, it's nothing very special. Uh, try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations, and, finally, here are some completely gratuitous pictures of penises to annoy the censors and to hopefully spark some sort of controversy, which, it seems, is the only way, these days, to get the jaded, video-sated public off their fucking arses and back in the sodding cinema. Family entertainment bollocks. What they want is filth: people doing things to each other with chainsaws during tupperware parties, babysitters being stabbed with knitting needles by gay presidential candidates, vigilante groups strangling chickens, armed bands of theatre critics exterminating mutant goats-- Where's the fun in pictures? Oh, well, there we are. Here's the theme music. Goodnight."

oh yes.

So, how the weekend really went, interestingly enough or not, here is it. Thursday, right after school
took the long way to Chino to visit Malani and spent the night there, watched Final Fantasy,..nuff said.
Nuff nuff nuff, and on Friday we missed half day of meetings in Matsumoto (thank goodness), the usual
boring JET meetings, nice only because you get to see people that are cool but too many times
too cool to go to parties. In any case, we had a party after that, and, OH!!! we had some
mexican food finally!!!!!!!!!!!
The party was more fun than Halloween, being in the same place, there was also an open mic so that
was of course abused haha. After that, went clubbing at ZEK for lots of hip hop, disco and slow house
mmmmm goooood shhtuuff. Then crashed at Jen's at like 5 am. The day after Mark and I did the
usual trip of shame back to our hood in the East, but soon nuff, was hooked by Spencer,
third year, thus knowing his jap shit, and went to a party and then karaoke till 4.
So, I was a zombi.
And today went to a sports meet.
And why, you ask, am I not in bed yet?? Because...there's the top 10 to compile!!
ah, this is inspired by the neat sets heard at ZEK's
1. Chaka Khan - I know you, I live you
2. Inner City - Good life [CJ's Living Good Club Mix]
3. We In Music - Grandlife [Original Mix]
4. Koop ft. Yukimi Nagano - Summer sun
5. Modaji - The Latin protocol
6. Nick Holder - Black jazz (You're Gonna Love Me)
7. The Cure - Lullaby
8. Swing Out Sister - Am I the same girl
9. Lamb - What sound
10. Mighty Dub Katz - Let the drums speak

Hopefully I wont freeze this week. U think I'm laughing! hehe
well, enjoy this view from nearby neighb'hoooowie...

8:44 午後

Hello, Ho ho ho ho merry xmas..jk..but yea it snowed outside, and i am still
having fun, and it's freeezing the shit out of me, and im still having fun. only
in japan things like this can happen. Well i guess in Russkyia they have fun
too despite they already have temps below zero, all that vodka...all that
sweet vodka (yuck)
Had a great weekend with friends Sara and Alessandra

visitin' all the way from warm Shizuoka ken ... had a great time and visited stuff
...good times Italiano style!!
also went to a party in good ole Koumi and met crazy peeps,
ah thank you Ha
for showing me how to post pix..im internet handicapped
so, here from the cold of the East Nagano... the top 10!! full of good ole funk classix
1. Brothers Johnson - Tomorrow !
2. Central Line - Walking into sunshine
3. Jamiroquai - Emergengy on Planet Earth [London Rican Mix]
4. Chocolate Milk - Girl callin'
5. Joeski - The Groundfloor [Tribalfusion Mix]
6. Thomas Bangalter & dj Falcon - So much love to give [Full Version]
7. Noreaga - Nothing
8. Slave - Slide
9. Mekkah - I got you [Harder Dub Mix]
10. Hardsoul - Caracho [Hardsoul's Main Summer mix]

Hope u like this!!

12:40 午前

happy halloween by the way

12:46 午前


12:46 午前

Wasn't it you
who told me
not to come
in the sense
above the sense
beyond the sense
around the molten
of this stupid idiot?


Viewing outside
the window
Staring at me
the glasses
Printed neckties
words unintelligible words
the fuck
am I here for!?!

Ah, bear with me, this poetic moments were inspired during a very
uninspiring meetining in Koumi among english teachers not speaking
english. sounds retarded but we're in japan, where everything is possible!
Besides that all is good, I apologize for not posting but I did last weekend,
however I pressed the wrong button and all was lost, and all my brain
cells were too fried to make meeeself rewrite all that. Basically, it was
about the weekend, which was full of Halloween surprises and parties,
lots of poontang but no action, hence this very uninspiring account of
the weekend..and a top 10, which I will not repost, but make a new one!
1. Brick - Dusic
2. Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - In a sentimental mood
3. Corduroy - Something in my eye
4. Norma Jean Bell - I'm the baddest bitch [Moody Man mix]
5. Raydio (Ray Davis Jr) - It's time to party now
6. Jurassic 5 - Whats golden
7. Deaf n Dumb Crew - Funky sensation
8. A Tribe Called Quest - Go ahead in the rain
9. Derb - Derb [Arome Mix]
10. Dave Clarke - Force (sorry, unknown mix!)
So, yea, I just got back from a very pleasant night in my town's observatory
up in the mountains where my friend works..really cool guy, who speaks
te best english in darn nippon, as far as i am concerned, so good that
we talked about philosophy and religion for 4 hours. now, he could teach
me english! but all good folks, I taught him well too, and by the end of the
night he was happily saying that we "were fucking around, doing jack shit!"
hahaha I teach well or what!
I have peeps coming to visit this weekend, so mo' storrrries layta!
Please go clubbing for me ( sharlene, i kno u are ;-)

12:07 午前

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