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Konnichiwa! Had a fantastic weekend so far, well of course not
as fantastic as korea (ok ok ok, ill drop the korea love affaire, i am
so redundant i knoooo) so yea, it's been lazily fun. First, I worked
on Saturday for my school's festival (a 2 day odissey, let me tell you)
then, while my teachers were merrily getting drunk off heir asses, I
quietly slipped away and went to Sakaki to join watashino tomodachi
AET's in a neat neat campground with a big bonfire, and some cool
locals -who spoke ingles! o yes! and 2 girls even went to LA some years
ago! they knew what I was talking about! I was understood!! j/k
Ah, the night before I watched Amelie, just keep my frenchie going
ooo sweet chick flick! very very nice! I also watched the Planet of the
, which was truly crap! I cant believe Dirk Diggler actually was in it!

Oh and also Being John Malkovich...very interesting subject and,
I am no philosopher, but it made me think a lot... one thing I got
from the movie is don't see Malkovich naked...u'd think I'd learn from watching
a 1995 movie on IFC a while ago where he's boinking Sophie Marceau..but no!

Today I visited Karuizawa, a neat town, known to me mainly as the next
shinkansen stop after mine on the way to Tokyo.
Well turns out that it is really not as special, just as I imagined haha
ok, yea, it is a huge summer resort for the rich and famous because
of its altitude, its shops and because it is just fashionable to be there.
Besides the oh so cool people, a lot of yakuza stays there too, perhaps
not to hide bodies nor recycling money nor chopping pinkies off
but perhaps to get married in the casually incredibly profitable
numerous churches, that are otherwise very rare in japan.
The current emperor met his future bride playing tennis here.
Which brings me to announce my new hobby which is tennis.

So, well it's 3pm and running out quickly of things to do while
it's raining outside. I did a cool 70 minute mix last night of
Jamiroquai remixes...mmm if i can, i'll encode it as mp3.
catch ya later


3:58 午後

I watched the Brotherhood of wolves tonight, or whatever it is called
really good, neataction scenes and splendid atmosphere and set construction!
Good frenchies good frenchies.
so this is the discussion that ensued with good ole buddy pal from SD to NJ Richard
Yes, I turned it into a Japan-bashing time

Redrum Inc: le pacte des loups
Redrum Inc: Brotherhood of the Wolf yay
Redrum Inc: its pretty good. that bone sword at the end is funny as hell
pastafunk: yea that was a bit uncalled for
Redrum Inc: at least it didn't try to pull some weird shit with the secret society all turning into werewolves
pastafunk: yea
pastafunk: that would have been way too fraky
pastafunk: freaky and a bit shtoopid
Redrum Inc: i like the ending
pastafunk: yea very intense
pastafunk: what animal was it anyway
Redrum Inc: wtf
pastafunk: a lion huh
Redrum Inc: shame on you
Redrum Inc: you are an eagle scout you should've caught your first lion when you were 5
pastafunk: it's not that i watched it in english
pastafunk: haha
Redrum Inc: wrestled him with your barehands
pastafunk: back in the muthaland
Redrum Inc: that is right
Redrum Inc: in the backwater of LA
pastafunk: where all the mothafukas go around with lion skins
Redrum Inc: i want to own a pet lion
Redrum Inc: that would be nice
Redrum Inc: a seeing-eye lion
Redrum Inc: except it would just eat anybody in my way, yay
Redrum Inc: how did the jello turn out
pastafunk: i havent doe it yet
pastafunk: but thanks soo much
pastafunk: it's really a nice feeling to receive stuff in the mail
pastafunk: in this god forsaken country
Redrum Inc: aww i thought you were loving it there
pastafunk: haha yea
pastafunk: but life is still a bitch
pastafunk: im gonna write an essay on it
pastafunk: im making a new blogger because the old one is kaputt
pastafunk: ok basically:
pastafunk: japan:
pastafunk: technologically super advanced
pastafunk: advanced in economics
pastafunk: advenced in ecological awareness
pastafunk: e.g. impossibly strict recycling
Redrum Inc: lol
pastafunk: super trains
pastafunk: incredible airports
pastafunk: crazy neon filled cities
pastafunk: people everywhere
pastafunk: amazing culture
pastafunk: super organized because still subject to confucius' laws
pastafunk: super polite
pastafunk: AND YET
pastafunk: life is still a goddamm bitch
pastafunk: unnecessarily
pastafunk: 1) no credit cards
pastafunk: that is a biggie if u think about it
pastafunk: cant book jack shit
pastafunk: cant pay for nothing if u dont have cash
pastafunk: must always go thru intermediaries
pastafunk: internet shopping is therefore only if u want to shop abroad
pastafunk: 2) u need money? hahaha
pastafunk: ATM's charge you
pastafunk: even if it is ur own bank
Redrum Inc: wtf
pastafunk: ATM are not 24 hours!!! haha
Redrum Inc: because the customer is the enemy, duh
pastafunk: banks are open from 9 to..get this..3pm
Redrum Inc: hahaha
pastafunk: and i'm like...fuck this shit..im in fucking work how the hell do i bank
pastafunk: because if u remember u cantpay anything by credit cards
pastafunk: so for any invisible transactions u have to wire shit all the fucking time
pastafunk: but to do that..guess where u have to go do it?
pastafunk: oh yes..the bank!
pastafunk: of course, like any institution in the rest of japan, everything shuts for lunch
pastafunk: and saturdays for a mere 2 hours in the afternoon
pastafunk: but, oh in cities they are open maybe 3 or 4 more hours
pastafunk: but that's at the discretion of the superbisor
pastafunk: anything can change daily
Redrum Inc: so the bank is always crowded on weekends
pastafunk: i wouldnt know
Redrum Inc: haha
pastafunk: because by that time im like fuck japan and i am usually in a drunken stupor by then
Redrum Inc: lol
Redrum Inc: i've never wired anything in my life
pastafunk: the funny thing is thateveryone pretends soooooooo well to be working hard
Redrum Inc: why no credit cards?
pastafunk: because they suck cocks here i dont know why
pastafunk: so anyway
pastafunk: this brings me to the next point
pastafunk: 3) the image of efficiency
Redrum Inc: i hear they are efficient at being inefficient
pastafunk: YES
pastafunk: YES
Redrum Inc: working busily doing nothing
pastafunk: u are right on target
pastafunk: teachers are not exempt
Redrum Inc: lol
Redrum Inc: for SHAME
Redrum Inc: so are you the only hard working teacher there or have you become japanese in that respect
pastafunk: besides pretending to work a lot, for hours (shit my neighbor just got back now..it's like 9...and it's pretty much everyday like that)
pastafunk: we do useless meetings every morning
pastafunk: useless speeches
pastafunk: useless wasted time in school
pastafunk: where the students do not fuck around but pretend to do useful stuff
pastafunk: it's crazy
pastafunk: so much time is wasted
pastafunk: that way, they stay in school their entire day
Redrum Inc: give me a specific example
pastafunk: ok
pastafunk: 1) there are many events..e.g. 40 th anniversary last week of my school...school festival tomorrow
pastafunk: many useless events
pastafunk: i mean they are good for students who dont like studying
pastafunk: but at the end it's a waste of time i think
pastafunk: 2) school starts at 8:20
pastafunk: but for teachers only
pastafunk: everyday we have a meeting for 30 minutes (everyday!! what the fuck can we possibly discuss every day for that long)
pastafunk: then they have 4 classes
pastafunk: between classes there are 10 minutes of break
pastafunk: lunch is one hour
pastafunk: classes are only 50 minutes
pastafunk: the rest of the day is made of dead time
pastafunk: like seriously
pastafunk: and then club activities
pastafunk: which take them till very late
pastafunk: ---however it prevents them from fucking around in the streets---
pastafunk: but i dont give a shit about what they do
Redrum Inc: ah
pastafunk: because as japanese they are not expected to fuck around anyway
pastafunk: moving on
pastafunk: 4) Transportation stops at midnite, countrywide
pastafunk: so u better be in tokyo clubbing or else ure doomed to sleep in the streets
pastafunk: or pay exhorbitant japanese bed fees
pastafunk: 5) why is everything so expensive here
pastafunk: expensive and too cte
pastafunk: cute
pastafunk: just like japanese girls
pastafunk: expensive and cute
pastafunk: but empty inside
pastafunk: shit, airheads in california? ill give u airheads
pastafunk: they should open an airhead mall here
Redrum Inc: haha
Redrum Inc: i thought they did
Redrum Inc: all the hello kitty type stores
pastafunk: that cute stuff makes me puke nowadays
pastafunk: i am so oblivious to that now
Redrum Inc: are you sure they're airheaded? i'd think they would just act airheaded to guys
pastafunk: no no
pastafunk: it's the culture
pastafunk: even adults
Redrum Inc: wtf
pastafunk: airhead in a general sense
pastafunk: ok, they grow up like spoiled fucking brats
pastafunk: and hey actlike such until college
pastafunk: where all that matters is their own little cute packeged world, where everything is organized by TV, industry and school
pastafunk: then u go to college.
pastafunk: NOW
pastafunk: unless u go abroad and receive enlighenment that, oh shit, there is life outside of japan
pastafunk: then u are gettign a degree to then serve as a robot in the japanese machine
pastafunk: in that fashion, you are still an airhead
pastafunk: because at that point all that matters in life is to fulfill your work duty
Redrum Inc: and not get fired
pastafunk: or at least make it seem so
pastafunk: make it appear u work hard
pastafunk: it's all about exterior
pastafunk: no interior=airhead
pastafunk: marriage by convenience
pastafunk: love is a mirage
pastafunk: of course, generally speaking
pastafunk: but even in normal "normal" families there are always the sad cultural aspects i see everywhere
Redrum Inc: so where do you think the kids in your class are headed in the future
pastafunk: i want them to leave this country haha
pastafunk: most of them nowhere of course'
pastafunk: but i can tell that those who really make an effort to know me and, expecially, speak english to me..they will go somewhere
pastafunk: because most kids just come up to chit chat
pastafunk: mostly in japanese
Redrum Inc: sounds like japan is as bad as america
pastafunk: are u crazy
Redrum Inc: in being xenophobic
Redrum Inc: or just ignorant of foreign cultures
pastafunk: america is so muuuuuuch better in all aspects i think
pastafunk: in that aspects japan is really poor
pastafunk: thats why they have us
pastafunk: but we're obviously not enough...well i dont know..we'll see in about 10 years what happens to these buggers

well on that note... I love korea! and I'm off to get alchohol

11:49 午後

[9/18/2002 7:48:50 AM | The Pasta]
Hello hello..finally got myself to jot down stuff
I may have already told u about haha...
right now, I'm just chilling, listening to a mix
of Doc Martin that I randomly found on this site.
By the way, there's a cute video on this
same site of Greg the Bunny going to a
rave. Yea it's been a sweet day today.
Sweet is the word...it was chilly but beautiful,
awesome blue sky interrupted by random
fluffy clouds, all the mountains completely
visible in the close distance and the volcano
menaciously fuming (Mt. Asama..i call it
Asama Bin Laden and kids freak at that).
Yea, the weather has been typhoonish,
so very very shitty this entire long weekend.
ooo weeeeellll!!!
then I had curry for dinner, and have been
planning the trip to Seoul with Amy
oh yea it's gonna be an adventure haha
Tomorrow I am going back ( I am going to
"Shink" it as usual) to Tokyo to meet up with her
in the midst of the craziness of Shinjuku.
By the way, I stayed at this hotel in Shinjuku
during my first week in this Land of Confused
Last time I was here was actually just
last monday! Yup, as many of you know
I met up with Pam and Amy (a different amy)
in Shibuya and went clubbing!! finally!!!
This is a map of the area we checked out.

So...for 3000yen (around 25$) we got a wristband
that would let us into 3 clubs anytime as many times
as we wanted (the clubs are across form each other)
and a drink included...GREAT!!!!!! no lines,
great music, great crowd, no dress code, great
atmosphere, good vibes, beautiful girls..and in the
hip hop room they actually played good stuff, underground
and old stuff too! and there was none of that stupid
american 'gangsta' attitude typical in all clubs over there.
and the girls too, sooo much more approchable.
So anyway, it was a blast, pulled off an allnighter
and...the rest is in the pix.
So, in Club Asia there was house in the main room,
lounge music in the bar/upper room and random
surf/jazz/house/electronica music in the lobby. Club
Asia P had breakbeats and phaaat jungle. Club Vuenos
had hip hop and reggae, as well as live hip hop and
alternative acts. Sweet, eh?

Ah I will come back one day...
oh .. tomorrow!!! haha

Ok, now here's the top 10..."back
once again with the renegade master."
y'all remember that song? well it's not
in the top 10 so dont worry.
1. Blaze ft. Palmer Brown - Do you remember house
2. Kid Koala - I like my beats hard
3. Mojolators - Life
4. Ian Pooley - Ready to flow
5. De La Soul - Eye know
6. Mark Farina - Radio
7. Liquid People vs Simple Minds - Monster
8. Space Cowboy - I would die 4 you
9. A Tribe Called Quest - Excursions
10. Jamiroquai - Alright [Dave Navarro & Chad Smith electro groove remix]

Nice mix, huh! both De La and Jamiroquai
songs are oldies, and I put some Kid Koala
with his scratchin style...lots of house, finally
and...hmm..these remixes of '80s songs
never seem to end. I wonder when Pop Music
by M will be remixed...that could be a blast
(Hint..Plan Bster Bryan...hint)
ok...shout outs to Sammy~ ~~ see u soon

ok cheers!!!

11:33 午後

This is the firt blog of this blog. I hope
this blog works...argh I hate thinking
I lost the old one..good bye Pasta
& Funk...

11:35 午後

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