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It's all about HOUSE music. And as time goes on, we keep putting tha tang on the poon ooo la' la'

and more links to come!

Yes? Tokyo Game Show story? the top 10 first!
1.Laurent Wolf - Percucion [original mix]
2. Groove Armada - But I feel good
3. Monosurround - I warned you baby
4. Llorca - The End [Hepop Original mix]
5. Manhattan Transfer - 10 minutes till the savages come
6. Manhattan Transfer - Route 66
7. Shirley Bassey - Never Never Never [Groove Armada Mix]
8. Gigi D'Alessio - Como suena el corazon
9. Infernal - The break
10. Ska-p - Fun ska party

shaweeen! house music baby!
Needless to say the night in Tokyo was good old fun
this time times 100 with the Aussies, Filipino hooker
and the Kindofcrap meister himself.
Needless to say we all behaved.
Except the day after.....

As you may or may not know, I went to Tokyo to
take a look at the Tokyo Game Show during the
weekend. For all of you who aren't nerd enough
to know what it is, the TGS is the biggest expo
of upcoming computer games in the world, so
basically you get to check out huge stages or
booths where you can try the games that will
soon be released at your local electronics store
at convenient absurd prices!

Trying them is a task, and even the 10$ ticket would
not make those Disneyland-in-the-summer-like queues
disappear. We could have waited for hours in
lines of nerds and/or gawking at the hundreds of
fine fine fine booth girls, there to sell the product.
These girls are, for your info, known as companion girls.
Who are models with the whose main task isn't to only
pose for professional photos, but they are also
hired to give legs and face to a product
at each event they go, thus breaking nerds' hearts
or making them more perverted than they already
So we were all in trouble. What a feast....blaaaaaa
Believe me I'd post all my pics (and those of the other
guys) but due to lack of space and due to the fact that
I don't want to appear as such a bad bad perv...
I chose to post only one

or two

or three

or four!!!

uhhh, i swear that was a model! hmmm
Anyways, the fun didn't end there....of course!!!

those aren't robots nor images out of a videogame,
but my students doing their excercise show thing
at their sports festival. Safety? Back injury?
What's american bs is that?!
Anyway, talking about oddities, the TGS didn't end
its pleasant surprises with hot models or futuristic
games that I didn't try, but also....cosplayers!!!
For y'all who aren't obviously not into dressing
up for Halloween every time you play a videogame,
the term cosplayer combines "costume" and
"player". That's right, kind of kinky if you will, but
here we are talking about nintendo-obsessed
teens, just like trekkies at their conventions!
From hot to just plain weird, choosing a pic to
show was downright tough, so here's one for now,
and with that I say....
that there are more interesting places than where I live!!!

I wonder what game she played....
And what's up with the girl in black? It must have hurt!

10:54 午後

I was just rummaging through thousands of my
old pictures in the past couple minutes and, tadah!
lookie lookie, I found one we took with the #1 and
#4 of the last entry's music top 10. whoop whoop

Now, that's only 1/2 of Halcali. You would wonder
what a hottie like her is embarassing herself with
a humpin marshmallow man on her back in the middle
of one of the most happening places in Tokyo, Shibuya.
Well, at the time, little we knew she was going
to be another huge pop hit. Yup, we just laughed
at her. Moral of the story? There is nothing happening
here so I'd rather be in Shibuya jeering at the
"normal" japanese oddities.

8:29 午後



Just like that, it's cold, cold cold cold, again. oh my the
nightmares of last winter are slowly creeping in. Oh boy
how non-exciting it is. Once again I will have to endure the
surprising walls free of insulation, hooray! right on, freedom to
suffer! But, it's a typhoon really, so I would not be
surprised if I will be plunged into the ridiculously humid
summer heat of September.
But what, you thought I would just write about the weather?
oh yes, that shows how uneventful (and wallet-friendly)
my weekend has been. This was perhaps less fun than
last weekend, when my speech contest team (mine because
I coach them, and because I plan to sell them to pervert
salary men) won the local speech contest getting first and second
place out of 30 eager future english speakers or suicide
perpetrators. We rock!
th finger you see ruining the picture is none else's but
the student teacher's. Gosh, she can't even take pictures.
Also, that was the weekend when I rode a mechanical dog, yes, a dog

woof woof, or, in Japanese..."wan wan"!!

1. Halcali - Electric Sensei
2. Dutch ft. Crystal Waters - My time [Scumfrog Remix]
3. M-Flo - Just be
4. Halcali - Tandemu
5. Namie Amuro & Verbal- Lovin' it
6. Do As Infinity - Hi no ataru sakamichi
7. Bonnie Pink - Shine
8. Planet Funk - The switch [Radio edit]
9. Strafe - Set it off
10. Psycho le Cemu - Ai no uta

ah, monday, dont come

7:13 午後

Before going to watch the infimous Pirates of the
Caribbean with my
squad of foreigners, I added a link to Mark's soon
to be incredible website, which is not as entertaining
as mine, and definitely not as obscene as Galvin's.

8:15 午後

oooo loook at that, I say so much that I would, and yet no updates
for 2 weeks, but what can I say, I happen to be busy being busy and
being too lazy at night. Nowadays the big thing at work is the cute
student teacher (who will promptly come to my house after tomorrow)
who will eventually, say 3 years from now, become a full-time jr high
English teacher. You're like, wow, sweet ass, a new spankin' new teacher!
But alas my friends, teaching with her is hell because, typically, she can't
speak English, let alone teach it, just can't. What the hell is driving her to
teach English as her lifetime career goal?!!!?!!!! What the hell are they
teaching her (or not teaching her) in her college?!!?
I heard from a billion sources that in effect Japanese universities
are a joke and basically a party-relax time between the jr. high- sr.high-
college entrance suicidal crunch and mentally blinding work, and the future
robot-like worker life that awaits them. Of course this doesnt apply to all
but it is true that like the average college graduate, she awaits graduation without
thinking whether she can or cant teach, because she will be trained
from square one anyway when she begins her job.

Saved her ass today when all of a sudden the all-mighty principal
popped in for a surprise evaluation.

Anyway, no biggie, and as 4:30pm strikes I don't give a damn.

This past weekend, good party at Ueda's Loft, good disco and house
classics while about 60 newbies and oldtimer Jets and drunk
Japanese lads and ladies rocked the dancefloor.
..led by me, Keiko and the Kindofcrap meister

by the way, he has an interesting update so check it out
(for free!) (oh dont u miss Rosarito, my LA peeps?)

oh yes, LA peeps

the Bryan and the Baj and random birds
keeping it japanese style..Sayonara Tokyo!

and the top 10

1. Bonnie Pink - Sleeping child
2. Nice Guy Jin - Hai, irasshai
3. Donald Fagen - I.G.Y.
4. Atami ft. Bonnie Pink - Under the sun [Jazztronik remix]
5. Utada Hikaru - Indescribable feelings
6. Granada - Slowsupreme
7. Rui - Kaze no hate
8. Cocco - Rose letter
9. Dj Hasebe ft. Bonnie Pink & Verbal - Get Out!
10. Exile - Breezin' -Together

bawam, jpop goodies for you!

11:43 午後

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