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It's all about HOUSE music. And as time goes on, we keep putting tha tang on the poon ooo la' la'

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As usual pretending to work, and since my DSL decided to crash last night
and gave no signs of coming back a` la Jesus, im doind the blogger here in
school..ah yes Happy V-day, u romantic peeps, late, but never too late, eh?
usually when I am online at work i usually read the whack whack whack
japanese news stories that are, i assure you, completely real and in the
norm. u probably already saw this site, i linked to it a couple of times,
..what is hilarious is the way that it is written, kinda tabloidish but
with a cheeky translation to english in mind...for spicier stories check out
the Wai Waisection.
probably because im a bit married and definitely because this is a very cold
and pretty shitty country, i havent done much traveling lately, some
partying and lots of drinking. There is this place called En`s, a small
japanese style pub with one only big round table with the bar in the middle
a great friendly staff often drunk by 11pm and good ass music, surprisingly not
japanese, and surprisingly not cheesy either, good jazz and jazzy house.

i'm sorry, did i mention the bartender gets fucked up?

thanks Galvin for this capt.insano's picture
came here also for Valentine's Valentine's was too overtly romantic hence cheesy so I wont
bother you with the poonanny details, let's just say I kept it european style.
You're like, what the heck, european? u mean doggy? no of course not, I mean,
that too, but it's just to distinguish western valentine's day with jap valentine's
day. because of a much more commercialized tradition thatn the West, in Japan
Valentine's has come to signify the day when girls (not boys) are the ones who
give the presents, namely chocolate. concept purly foreign to western chivalry
rules. I love it.
Also, I had a little get togther at my place some weekends ago, nabe party of
course (nabe is the pot we cook all the shit in) and as u can see from what
Keiko is downing..goood ole Corona's. Of course, with grenadine in it! (long live
Club Sugar!)
The day before that I went with "filipino hooker" Mark and Sara "my Italian evil side"
to Tokyo, mainly to kick it for a couple of days and to see the mythical house
Dj from oh yes LA, Doc Martin at club Yellow. But first, we hit the Lemon House,
the all-u-can drink place for $10.00 in Shibuya
then shhhhwalked to bbrAABR shheesoowoo aa drunk heeh ee

notice the girl wearing a mask staring at us hahaha morons
the night turned out to be a blast, and we ended up at a love hotel in Shibuya
heavily out of it and had porn blasting all night, so u can imagine waking up
with a huge hangover and shrieks of a girl dressed as a nurse getting it on
in japanese. sweet

The rest of my life is pretty calm these days, enjoying life at home (because i have no choice)
jk i work out too with good ole pimp Mark. relaxing at home oh yesss

more pix of the crazy night in tokyo will soon come, i dont have them as i was
too lazy to pull out my microscopic and handy camera.
TOP dix~!
1. Blue 6 - Pure [Mig's petalpusher vocal mix]
2. Cassius - The sound of violence [David Guetta and Joachim Garruad remix]
3. Krafty Kuts - Who is I
4. Craig Mack - Flava in ya ear
5. The Rurals - Questions
6. Dj Czech - Everybody's funkin' [Krafty Kuts remix]
7. Elvis Presley - Be bop a lula
8. Busta Rhymes - Get out
9. No Doubt - Hella good [Roger Sanchez remix]
10. Jovanotti - Penso Positivo

yea, it's Elvis, so what? poontang!

hontoooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaai!

3:10 午後

Had a phat day today...finally I was able to cast aside my moral
and conscience crap and became "sick" just like that, thus
taking a neat holiday, screw work! took care of some business,
watched movies with keiko and cooked together among other
dirty things we did and in an attempt to make me feel bad
about skipping work, my neighbor delivred me a packet full
of get well letters my third year students wrote me. Of course,
i have all reasons to suspect that my sickness has been
exploited by my colleagues to force the kids into English
While taking a break yesterday from a busy after school activity consisting of
playstation 2 soccer games and munching on crab flavored crap,
hmmm I was seriously considering calling in sick for kicks
I felt like crapola, being monday and all and because
of the weekend's craziness, but that was for a couple of the first
work hours, the rest of the day was pure oscar-nominated acting
to a point that I was given the suggestion to go to the hospital
(then again, that is one of the oddities of japan...for whatever u feel
u must go to the hospital)(from all the horror stories I have heard
I am steeeering waaaay clear of them hospitals/butcheries...it is
really beyond me how a country with automatic heating toilets with
water jets incorporated and stupid robots running around the house
using super micro lasers to produce a baby robot dog can have one
of the shadiest health care systems) in fact, all the latest hi tech
stuff is made here, entirely made here, but then exported to
America or to nice clinics in Western Europe.
So, anyway, point is that I am I should perhaps stop skiing
and drinking everyday and keep myself a bit healthy.
On that point, I wanna talk about the innocuous, ya right, party
time in Hakuba. but..le top 10!!!
1. John Davis Orchestra - Bourgie bourgie
2. Ashford and Simpson - Bourgie bourgie
3. Laurent Wolf - Afro-dynamic [original mix]
4. Del The Funky Homosapien ft Dan the Automator - Battlesong
5. Art Shaw and his Orchestra - Begin the beguine
6. Love Psychedelico - Nostalgic '69
7. Patrick Juvet - I love America
8. UMC - One to grow on
9. KRS One - Sound of da police
10. Ten City - Devotion [Extended version]
This week's top 10 is filled with disco once again..been looking at house
music samples tidbits as well as listening closely to a live mix by the
mythical dj Spinna. Number one is a remake of number two, but I feel
that it is much groovier and bouncy, whereas the Ashford and Simpson
original, most of it instrumental, is more chill but still trippy in a jazzy
way. Actually, I heard one of these tracks th other night at the club
in Hakuba as dj Fergus loves throwing in a lot of funky choons during
his sets, and I think too much James Brown, but all good, as you will
see in the pixxx, the people were more than merry that night.
The Hakuba ski trip actually began on Friday nite, but despite mine
and party Mark's attempts to get everyone as plastered as we were
everyone else -like 300 people haha- was pretty much set to do what
Hakuba is known to the world for..wintr zportz a' la Nagano Olympix '98.
The mountains are undeniably amazing, strikingly beautiful with a sunshiny
location and a neat happening town, quit a rare sight in Nagano -or Japan
as far as Ive seen so far. So, despite being woken up by Keiko at freakin
5am so she could kick it too -she was eventually caught and kicked out
by the hotel manager while i was gone - fucking bummer i tell u - at 7:30
we were up and running for an entire day of skiing and boarding! wooha!
so, anyway, it was amazing, omoshiroiii! then..let the party begin!
the sochu, the gin, th beer, the sake u name it, our room was the spot
to the dismay of the manager who obviously had an eye on us after discovering
two japanese girls sleeping in our room while we were gone.
that was Beth up there..what a radiant picture huh!
so anyway, we were havin a good ass pre party in our room when, we were finally
kicked out...the reason being, as we found out later to our surprise, that
there were 3 japanese girls in our room ('!?!?!?!) what the hell? u might say.
but I, as an experienced Japan-hater, I just silently accept it and go on with
my life. I mean, it's Japan! anything is possible in this country!
What made this trip funner too was that when I got there I found out that
three rooms down mine Izzie was gonna be there!
and, to reunite the UCLA peeps

By the way, happy b-day Plan Bster Bryan, we (meaning me and
like a million japanese ladies, and like a thousand japanese ladies with
jungle fetish) cant wait to see u here~!

The night at the club was great, danced pretty much the whole time,
not that wild although I cant remember much, but pix cant lie that
much...so yea it was a cool party, and -violins in the background-
it was because all my friends were all there together to party, dude
even the city slickers were there, except for Amy doko deshita ka??
Galvin the pimp
with Anya and Malani the pimp-tresses(?)
some things are just too orange
and we like them
managed to walk back home unscathed, despite all the ice
-of course Mark will say otherwise- ssswwwish!!! smaaack~~#!@
having a fit and a fight with my also drunk other half and her
retard friend.
needless to say, we didnt ski the day after, were kicked out of the hotel,
picked Galvin and drove the tollway of shame back home, remarried my
gf, kicked it all day and even watched that waste of movie called Xfiles
the Movie on TV, in English too. I was on a roll that day.
Well, gotta watch that movie with Sean Connery who is the father
of Dustin Hoffmann who is the father of Ferris Beuler guy, all thieves
and stuff. Good ole '90s.


Hontooooo? Haaaaaaaai!

10:37 午後

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